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Posted by amlabella

Nice list! Didn't play number 1 or 3 but the rest are all great picks. I really need to play Dragon's Dogma though, I remember thinking it looked like a lot of fun during the Quick Look and the boss battles seem pretty awesome.

Posted by Slag

@amlabella: Thanks duder!

Yeah man the Boss battles, or really big creature fights, really make the game.

I think what's most exciting about Dragon's Dogma isn't even the game but the blueprint it has laid down for a new fusion of those genres. There are admittedly some imperfections which you probably have heard about previously, but the highs of the game are very high and the potential for the future is super exciting!

An Chivalry is fantastic and cheap. If you like good multiplayer games, it's definitely worth a play.

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This is a great list. Many of these games are also ones I really liked.

I have yet to play Dragon's Dogma - mostly because I was waiting for a PC port...though I knew that was always unlikely. I got Dark Arisen as part of PS Plus, so there really is no reason for me to not play it. I just have to find a way to fit it into my backlog...

Hopefully, I can get to it before October, because then Dragon Age: Inquisition will trump it. Then, The Witcher 3 is out in February... Oh, and Wasteland 2 will also eat up some time, as far as RPG's go. :)

Posted by Slag


Thanks man! 2012 was a funny year, it felt like a "weak" year yet it produced three games that really resonated strongly with me in a way games had not for maybe 5-6 years. it holds a lot of sentimental value to me as a result as it won back to the hobby.

Yeah sadly I don't think a PC port of DD:DA is ever coming. I love love that game, I'd be super psyched if it had a robust mod community like Skyrim, because frankly the battles are far superior to Skyrim imo (Skyrim of course is grander with arguably greater presentation etc). But hey it's Capcom, so no PC and seemingly no sequel either. :( And no Deep Down at E3 either :(

I know what your backlog is like so I'd be amazed if you get to it, but if you really wanted to you can blaze through in 40 hours. I put 100+ but I did multiple playthroughs and went for Platinum. If you love great combat, you'll dig this game.

A lot of people will say the game is flawed and I will concede that they probably have legitimate points, but as an old school gamer from the NES/SNES days most of those flaws (such as explaining skill systems or fast travel only in late game) were virtually non-issues to me. Depends I guess on what you like and don't like about an RPG.

I fully admit I wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to this game , so if you what I think is a very fair unbiased opinion laying out the good and bad of the game check out MajorMitch's writeup (good blogger on here btw)