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@thatpinguino: oh my bad.

I haven't played IX since release, some of this is becoming frighteningly fuzzy to me.

At the final save point how far do you have to backtrack to go back to the overworld? Just curious.

re: player freedom- I dunno man I think Red Dead Redemption for instance had plenty of weight. That was a fantastic narrative way to do accomplish both goals. I think there's plenty ways around it, maybe final Teleportation gate at the final save point for instance. People can suspend their disbelief a bit for convenience I think. I mean there's a quite a lot people do already (player characters that don't require food, sleep or bowel movements e.g.).

Definitely agree with you about Open World Games. They definitely broke the virtual JRPG monopoly on world exploration. I think that's why people love Skyrim so much despite that game having a lot of shortcomings from my perspective. That's one thing I'm really excited to see in the upcoming Zelda for WiiU, Zelda to me was the original overworld I loved. I'd love to see the masters remake that concept one more time.

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@evilrazer: Damn this was really intense. I've seen a lot of stories/blogs with that headline, but most don't actually mean nearly as much as you obviously did.

Glad you are ok, I think you made the exact right choice to leave. Stay safe duder.

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When I start to get angry, I know I need to take a break. It's the only thing that ever works.

Sometimes I go take a shower, sometimes I go exercise usually something physically active is best. I never go eat, that always ends in sadness. Whatever it is it can't be games and it need to be an hour or more. Playing more is almost the worst thing I can do is I tend to get angrier and angrier if I keep going. Occasionally if I feel like I'm close to a breakthrough, I bear down and power through it.

The only times that usually happen to me is in multiplayer games when having a bad run of games. Given the way matchmaking works these days it doesn't happen that often anymore to me, as I rarely lose more than 3 games in a row anymore.

If I'm having that kind of experience with a single player game and I then decide if the game's mechanics are bad or I'm just playing bad. If the game is bad, I quit the game. If I'm just playing like dog doodoo, I take a break.

In your case Skate sounds like a game I would quit playing.

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@slag: And now that you know about it you should promptly forget it exists!

forget what exists?

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@muuhee said:

Hey, I am muuhee from Potms Up, and I was wondering if my friend, typo, was still able to do commentary with other commentators during the game. He's a good speaker, has a lot of knowledge towards the game itself, can give huge tips to teams(if the teams ever watch replays), and he is a respectful lad and will give no rude comments! Alright, for more information please add me @pecache98 on steam!

hey man is that Steam Nick spelled right? I tried to add your friend to talk to him about this.

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Padding/Side Quests isn't the worst thing in the world, but when there's too much of it and especially if it's all back loaded, that's pretty grating.

I've yet to get really deep in Kingdoms of Amalur, but I've heard it suffer from it greatly.

But really Padding is only Padding if it's dull content right? (poor mission design, bland environments, lack of variety & repetitive mechanics,lack of story elements, inadequate rewards etc) )E.g. Saints Row 2 is full of pointless side missions, but I didn't mind dropping dozens of hours into them because they were mechanically a blast to play.

There certainly is a quantity component (you cna have too much of a great thing), but really I think the quality of the experience is what makes filler a chore.

never been a fan of MMORPGs much, but I felt Phantasy Star Online was the most mind numbingly dull single player game I ever played. It was just all incredibly bland environments that required grinding and near endless backtracking for really dull fetch quests. To be fair it was not optimized for a single player experience at all .Playing by myself was obviously a very bad choice it probably is tolerable with other folks.

I tried Warframe last fall, that thing seems like dull shooting grinding padding the game to me. I need a least a little story and variety with my feedback loop. Maybe I didn't give enough of a chance, but I was just bored to tears.

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@hailinel said:

@thatpinguino said:

@jesus_phish: @sinusoidal: I think JRPG developersforgot that one of their key elements was exploration in addition to story and combat. The more linear JRPGs just miss out on the sense of exploration and discovery that world maps provide in spades.

JRPGs don't really need a world map to be quality games, though. FFX and XIII didn't have them. Persona 3 and 4 don't really have world maps, either. They're just menu screens with map backgrounds. World maps are a great feature to have, but they aren't an obligatory element for making a quality game in the genre.

They don't absolutely have to it, true, but Overworlds did used to be a core part of what those experiences great. At least for me the Overworlds were a significant of my enjoyment of JRPGs. If you enjoyed exploration JRPGs were the best genre to get that experience for nealry a decade

When Overworlds started disappearing en masse in the PS2 era JRPGs and other genres started upping their game on the exploration side (notably EverQuest and other MMORPGs and the rise of Open World Games), I felt JPRGs started to lose a lot of cultural prominence. I think it definitely was a factor in the relative diminishment compared to other genres.

btw is it a World Map or Overworld? I Always thought it was an Overworld because it's playable (random ecnounters, treasures), where a world map is just a map you can view (darn it what happened to the old convention of world maps being mapped to the "seclect" button?)

@thatpinguino this Fat Chocobo quest is part of the padding I mentioned to you previously. Since FF IX has a point of no return if memory serves, it puts a lot of pressure on the player to finish this quest and Ozma etc before moving onto the end.

Of course you can just make a couple saves to go back to and move on, but for the compulsive completionist backloaded treasure hunts like this when massive like that one was (sans Guide) can get overwhelming. Not saying that's a entirely fair complaint, but I definitely think that's a real burnout issue for a lot of folks (myself included). One thing I like most modern Open World games is they usually let you do these things post game now if you so choose. Which removes the psychological barrier so to speak from the end boss run and makes it a more optional task to be completed at the player's whims instead of a job to complete by a perceived deadline.

It sounds totally dumb but it sure takes a lot of the stress out of the treasure hunt experience to let players have at it in post game.

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I agree with you conclusions, but I personally feel that P4 was the greater narrative achievement for Atlus itself, because I think a happy-ish story is much harder to write well with depth (and make it still interesting).

In a way my take is that it's abit akin scoring diving, there's a degree of difficulty in what the story is trying to achieve to consider as well...

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It's not often I read about a console game I've never heard of before, but Demolition Girl is new one to me.

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Haven't played very man 2014 releases I even wanted to play, most of what I have played has been good but not great, I haven't even played ten but this is what I have played

My probable GotY almost by default. I've barely played but it's already better than most of the 2014 releases I've played so far and I'm a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series
A flawed game with a very truncated second half but has a wonderful world, fun combat system and neat text rpg/oregon trail aspect. I had a lot of fun with this game but like a lot of games this year it wouldn't be GotY material in other years due to how short it is. I'm very glad this game was kickstared and exists, but it would have been nice to see what it would have been if they had the full budget they needed.
Perhaps the game I was most excited to play out of E3 2014. A quirky Rogue-like/ Smash brothers mash up. Pretty good time, but again something that normally would be probably just outside top 10 material.
The tell tale formula definitely lose some punch the second go around after TWD Season 1. Still pretty good time despite some really weak episodes. The fact also that this is a prequel to the comic, robs this story of some its narrative suspense.
This definitely wouldn't be on here most years, But a half finished Tim Schafer P&C adventure, even one that barely feels like it has nay puzzles or mechanics whatsoever, is better than a lot of what I've played this year. I will say this for BA, the story definitely has me wanting to see more, which is something very few adventure games ever do to me.
A perfectly competent shooter with an ok multiplayer campaign. The titans themselves were certainly a neat gameplay component. Just didn't hook me though. Might have been different if my friends played it. I'm not much of a CoD style shooter guy. I prefer the older arena based ones.
This was a game I felt like I should have liked but I struggled with it a bunch. The combat was dull and just felt like it was moving at a snail's pace, and well a lot of the rhymes were bad. This is one of those games were I felt the mechanics didn't fit the world or the narrative well. Still this game looks gorgeous and has some heart, even if there is some weird stuff in it What is the deal with Aurora suddenly aging like 8 years anyway?

2014 releases Playing next: Murdered: Soul Suspect, Transistor, Walking Dead Season 2, Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Possible future acquisitions and contenders (there's admittedly a lot I haven't played)-: Drakengard 3, Valiant Hearts, Bravely Default, Shadowgate, Shovel Knight, Blackwell Legacy, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Capt Toad Treasure Tracker, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Dark Souls II, South Park Stick of Truth, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Divinity: Original Sin, Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls, Dreamfall Chapters, Risen 3, Lost Shadow of Mordor, Jazzpunk, Watch Dogs, Professor Layton and Azran Legacy, Smash Bros, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Azure Striker Gunvolt, more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Most of those I won't get this year or possibly ever. There's a lot I want to play and look good to me,but very few seem "great".

I feel like a lot of these lists are won and lost at time of purchase.