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I kinda figure if she thought she had a realistic shot at this job, she'd not be starting this other career. The little I've read of her twitter, she seems discouraged of late with her prospects in VG journalism. I can't blame her one bit for feeling that way if she does.

I can't speak about what's right for GB or who is right for this particular position but I do know this, Cara Ellison is a dang good journalist. It is extremely tragic in my opinion that a writer of her caliber hasn't been picked up by any outlets.The fact she doesn't have a full-time salaried position somewhere despite producing what she has and trying for as long as she has, is absolutely mind boggling to me.

But to be fair you look around and there just doesn't seem to be any jobs for anybody. Joystiq just being the latest example.

Game Journalism is in a sorry way these days.

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@bonorbitz: Is this sale only on Console? Not seeing anything on Origin

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@slag: I thought Escapist also launched a subscription plan not too long?

I don't honestly know, but if they did so recently chances are they haven't had enough time to build the base to offset ad losses. Transitioning to subscriber support don't happen overnight. I think too it's a tougher sell when your audience is used to free content to get the interested in pay stuff. GB was arguably in a better position by defining themselves as subscriber supported much earlier in establishing their identity.

@thatpinguino: Massively's goodbye blog seems to lay the blame more on AOL for poor, or unexplained, decision making rather than on pure numbers. It claims AOL just wanted out of the enthusiast blog game altogether.

A key critical component of that letter was the non-mention of Ad Rates and to be fair it doesn't sound like AOL mgt probably ever communicated what those were to her.

from what I've picked up around various places and conversations is that page views at many places are up, in some cases way up, but ad rates have just fallen through the floor in the last couple years. Google has so much control of that market it's kind of scary. I don't think this is just a Joystiq problem

I don't know if that is what happened at Joystiq, but it very well might have. Or it could be that management was that petty and inept just as she implied. That definitely happens too.

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@w00master said:

Since GB is under CBS now, stuff like this makes me wonder and concerns me about the future of GB. Any one know? How much control do the GB folks have in terms of their destiny?

GB is hiring, if anything you should feel good about GB's future and be worried about Gamespot, if you are going to be worried about any of them

GB has about the only business model working atm (direct user support) in VG journalism, due to the fact they have subscribers. That's more or less what their newer competitors (people using Patreon, Kinda Funny Games) are trying to emulate.

It's the ad dependent people, more in the Vein of Gamespot's model like Escapist & Joystiq, who are on fire.

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I wonder if any of these people will be applying to GB east Editor position or if it's too late for that. Joystiq had some pretty talented people.

I assume this affects Massively too? If so, that's twice the bummer because they were easily one of if not the best site that specialized in covering MMOs.

I'd assume so, I saw the entirely Massively staff listed as looking for work in the dropbox link. :(

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That's just a damn shame, they were one of the longtimers. Don't know their financials, but this sounds like a very shortsighted decision by AOL. I guess they are "folding them into engadget" which means hopefully at least a few of them keep their jobs?

Going to be real hard to replace as a newsource for me. Not too many no BS , comprehensive places out there anymore.

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While Grim Fandango imo is significantly funnier, but I feel RE's gameplay probably holds up better

not to mention Grim Fandango is really probably best played with a mouse and keyboard.

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@sterling said:

@slag: Well if there is a single player, offline mode with pawns, then I might give it a shot.

Yeah I'm not entirely sure what to make of that part of the story. I'm guessing it's not a campaign mode or anything, I'm assuming they mean you can wander around the online world with an Ai party if you want to grind etc. I seriously doubt there will be an offline mode.

What I'm most concerned about is the monetization model, if we are talking about having to use real world $ to buy consumables like lamp oil or say to increase your inventory space/encumbrance that could be a real bummer.

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Hey @thatpinguino!

Congrats on a year of cranking out quality blogs! GB lost some of its very best bloggers this past year, so it's nice to have you filling the void their absence created.

I had some comments on your Lenticular design essays and South Park deep look, but the site gobbled both and I didn't save them elsewhere. :(. Fwiw I there have been a couple of your blogs I didn't read deliberately because I don't want to spoil myself on some title I haven't played yet.

That's a downside to the internet blogs it's that it is hard to gauge reception sometimes so many people like something but don't perhaps have anything to add. I suspect that is a facet to tumblr's popularity is that the way it shares your posts helps the creator get that emotional validation/reciprocation that is so important to a creator. And as far the disparate nature of the responses you get, well you have more or less re-discovered a phenomenon that is plaguing just about every facet of internet interaction these days ( a systemic bias favoring confimation bias, short declartive comments etc). It is a tremendous problem I think that is devouring the US political system in particular. I really don't have any idea how society is going to fix this or even if it can.

For now anyway the PewDiePie's and Kotaku's of the world rule the day.

But I did want to say in regards to your point about Stick of Truth's economical design, I've been playing Suikoden and Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride lately and it is amazing to me how much "faster" those games feel than their 3D/Polygonal counterparts even in the same series (e.g. Suikoden Iv and Dragon Quest Viii: Journey of the Cursed King) despite really not being very different in terms of quality of content/writing. I have to wonder if the fact that South Park is 2d actually was a one of their keys to success. Just the sheer act of Traversal in a 3D plane adds so much time to games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, that makes any filler fetch quest type things that much more I guess noticeable. So when you play a 2d RPG like SouthPark it feels that much more economical and action packed.

I also think vocalized speech probably contributes as well (although obviously not in SP's case). I know I personally read a lot faster than someone speaks, so I can power through story bits without feeling cheated because of how fast I can consume those say versus a modern RPG. I think that's perhaps the biggest difference between FFIX and FFX is that divide.

Anyway really enjoy your work!

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Ok I might be getting excited for this. There may be aught of use here. Please don't let me down Capcom

couple new bullet points I saw from siliconera and a few other places

among other sources

  • Game world is anticipated to be three times larger than Dragon's Dogma although initially it will be similar in size.
  • You play as "the Awakened" not the Arisen
  • No story or character connection to previous DD games, you play in Lestaria not Gransys
  • "While it may be free-to-play, it will still have the essence of a proper Dragon’s Dogma game." -from Siliconera's translation of Famitsu
  • Sony is working with Capcom on the game (and sounds like they are funding it), I'm guessing that means no XBone version.
  • Pawns are returning, and maybe limited single player play (according to SE you can explore the world with your pawns)
  • 4 player Parties will be constructed like traditional MMOs, while not mandatory you'll probably need Healer/DPS/Tank etc to be effective
  • Confirmed jobs so far are Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shield Sage. No Strider?
  • Also according to Gematsu DD's robust character creator is even more flexible in DDO

Also I confirmed Capcom registered Dragon's Dogma online with the US Patent & Trademark office on 12/4/14, as was mentioned in the neogaf thread.