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@nuclearwinter: thanks for the reply!

Yeah That makes sense. I figured this might have been a staff level type question, new genres don't pop up everyday and I imagine this might be harder to change than most requests of this nature. wasn't sure where to put this, hopefully this was the right forum for it.

Just wanted to get the conversation started

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I think a more interesting question might be what is your least favorite, because dang were there a lot of great tracks back then. It's really hard to gow rong with many NES games.

Kinda hard to top Mega Man II start to finish though.

Ah Heck Barkerville was pretty good too

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I imagine it's easier to write in some ways too. You don't have to worry about making the player protagonist unlikable in some way to any segment of your audience as they will mentally fill in the blanks of how the character acts with their own personal interpretation.

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I said some stuff

Fury Road has the benefit of being directed by the man that created the Mad Max series. Transformers and TMNT are directed and produced by a guy that thinks explosions are both plot points and emotions.

....I said more stuff I cut out for length's sake and

People will pay good money for quality stories.

They'll also pay good money for bad ones. They made four Transformers movies for a reason.

The fact is, Disney owns all the Marvel properties, and Warners owns the DC properties, and that's why it's important to them that they avoid damaging the reputations of those brands. Transformers is owned by a toy company, and TMNT is owned by Nickelodeon. The movie studios don't own those properties, they just paid millions to license them. So they could give fuck-all if they burn the credibility of those properties to the ground, they just want to make that money back. Not that either the Transformers or TMNT franchises were particularly credible to begin with.

George Miller clearly cares about the Mad Max films, he created them and he's the only one at this point that is keeping them alive. He might make a great film, he might make a terrible one, but at least you know he's doing his best.

I don't think it's that simple, and I don't think it makes sense to "burn something to the ground " if you want to make sequels of it which presumably is the goal for all these studios. Everybody makes more money if Transformers has 4 movies instead of one. It's better than say what happened with Gi Joe.

In Michael Bay's case, I think his strategy is only successful because of his ability to make big visual spectacle while demonstrating unusual skill in great budget creativity. His is more a cost control strategy rather than a quality product strategy. I don't think most who try to do what he does, would actually be successful at it.

Plus Fox has done a decent job with Fantastic Four and X-Men and they don't own those ( and Marvel has only been owned by Disney for a few years). Maybe not as good as Marvel did with say Iron Man, but they didn't butcher those franchises despite getting the contracts from Marvel when Marvel was perhaps at its most desperate. And New Line did a wonderful job with Lord of the Rings

I just think it's generally good business to have good writing.

I do agree having the original creative team helps tremendously with Mad Max.

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@jazz said:

We're coming up on the end of the first month of this madness..and beyond all reason I'm still doing this. I should see a therapist.

You know you are never getting out of MOBAs now right? You're hooked man with the rest of us!

You'll be doing this the rest of your gaming life

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Just wanted to note, that notifications seem to be working again for me on blogs and lists (dunno about reviews yet), using Chrome

Thanks for the fix!

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I can confirm that I can't see the above embedded video in Chrome

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Now this,This is the movie you are looking for.

Holy crap, this looks sweet! Of course it's a trailer so you can't tell everything, but it looks to have the essence of Mad Max: Road Warrior down to a T.

Why couldn't Transformers or TMNT been treated this well?

Fury Road has the benefit of being directed by the man that created the Mad Max series. Transformers and TMNT are directed and produced by a guy that thinks explosions are both plot points and emotions.

I know, I was just lamenting :(

Never quite sure why studios can't see that treating the properties is a profitable strategy. It sure worked for Batman and it works for Marvel. I get Michael Bay is a budget whiz in a industry of murderous cost overruns, but commercial and critical quality don't have to be mutually exclusive.

People will pay good money for quality stories.

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Well if I wasn't sold on the game before, I am now.

Glad to hear your new gig is going well @epicsteve !

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I thought that complaint nearly invalidated all of Patrick's review for me. I never felt he supported that it was in fact easy or that that "ease" somehow cheapened the game. That's not a wrong opinion to have, just one I think requires an explanation.

As someone who gamed through the old NES era, a lot of the old NES artificial difficulty is something best left in the past. There were reasons why those games were as tough as they were, and some of those reasons were not good ones (e.g. Arcade quarter pumping mentality being ported to consoles, save system limitations etc). Just because something is old doesn't mean it's better.