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I thought Indiana Jones wore it well.

Not a big fan with how people wear them in the last 5 years or so as I think they look odd if your shirt and trousers are too casual.

But whatever it is just a hat, people get silly and judgemental about this stuff.

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I've had major stuff going on, so all I've done is almost finish Transistor.

EDIT: well Clash of Clans and DOTA 2 too. But I kinda always do those with friends so they don't "count" imo.

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I actually still kinda like Gamestop, for whatever reason they tend to to have better stock locally of old DS titles and such I still want to buy than Amazon. And I've always had good luck getting launch hardware at them when I've tried.

At least locally their prices are in line or lower than online for most things I want to buy.

My experiences have been fine, most of the ones I patronize recognize me and know not to hard-sell me.

Like all retail chains of that size it varies by location, I know which ones to go to and which ones to avoid.

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Kentia I mean The End is nigh

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That's really awesome Sparky! This may be the single coolest thing I've heard Sony doing this gen. Such a simple change, but one that I'm sure that is transformative for thousands of players like yourself.

I don't know if you tweet but I bet Sony would love to hear how appreciative you are of this.

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Usually a couple dozen for long games or whatever the max the game will allow me.

If it's a game that I don't think has any missables, maybe only 3 or so.

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Yeah ever since FF Vii, Square really has done an excellent job with cinematography, getting better and better with each numbered release. Unsurprisingly after the Spiritis Within movie they seemed to get radically better, despite that movie being a trainwreck financially.

It's often hard for me to play other RPGs after a Square one, especially another Japanese one, because they do this so well. It's kinda like eating a steak for lunch, then trying to eat a McDonald's hamburger for dinner.

Naughty Dog is another company I feel that does this really well, It was kinda to see them rapidly improve in this area too. To me it felt like there was a tremendous leap in the quality of their cinematography work between Jak II and Jak 3 that often gets overlooked compared to the massive gameplay leap from Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to Jak II. In retrospect you could really see their skills blossoming that they would use heavily for Uncharted/Last of Us.

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@devil240z said:

I'm here, having posted this cause I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to. Anyway Ive gone my whole life with zero self confidence and now that I'm totally on my own I feel like I cant make it without someone strong to help me out. I just don't see it working out for me. I can probably BS my way into another dead end job that I hate but where is that gonna get me. I got fired from a dishwashing job cause I wasn't good enough at it and that place was ran/owned by my childhood best friend. I feel completely betrayed and alone. I just want to live and have a life.

I'm sorry to hear that and that things are tough for you right now.

Given what you have described and what has happened to you, this is what I think.

I think I read an old blog of yours a couple years ago where you mentioned moving out of your parents house. I think you should see if you could move back in with them until you can get your feet back underneath you. Explain to them situation and make sure they get how poorly you are feeling and be willing to negotiate with them. Let them help you, most parents will do that.

Then perhaps maybe you ought to consider talking to a therapist. There's no shame in it, I've had a lot of friends do that and it really helped them find their way when they got lost a bit in life.

I think you need to get your mindset to where it needs to be before you can start rebuilding your career and friendships. Once you do that, then you can worry about what's next.

Good luck duder.

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You're the best man. We all appreciate what you do!

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