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whoah bustin' out the ole @staff user account.

Haven't seen that one in years!

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I disagree, it's definitely slow paced compared to most of the later chapters but I'm not sure I've ever played an RPG that has depicted medieval peasant life as frankly as Witcher did. The outskirts did a nice job of showcasing the grittier way, they were going to tell their story.

The Witcher's sword fighting mechanic and crafting mechanics took me a good while to get used to, and that chapter's pacing gave me a chance to get really acclimated to them. B y Chapter 2 I was pretty ready for any encounter. That first boss fight was the toughest fight I think I had all game playing on hard.

I did like the whole lynch mob scene, not too many games have that trope. Which is kind of surprising how often the whole "burn the witch" thing used to happen in classic western literature etc.

I can see though if you are anxious to get moving through the story how the Outskirts could be really frustrating though.

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I really feel for you guys. You guys got such an incredibly raw deal. Spectrum didn't even show its contributors basic decency.

hope you find a new home for your work that will treat you better.

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Pretty specific to claim "without cause". I doubt he would say that publicly that unless he was 100% sure that was the case, since there is a pretty heavy implied accusation there.

must be something odd going on at Bungie. Money crunch maybe, obviously they felt had to get rid of him for some reason.

Of course like any of these situations it's impossible to know the real circumstances unless you're directly involved.

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@tajasaurus said:

@slag said:
  • Smite

Do you, perchance, know how much hat game costs?

good sir it is a free to play game.

Which means it's probably the most expensive release of the past quarter.

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Y'all are crazy, Valkyria Chronicles is great!

Gameplay has always been why people liked this title, not the story.

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You probably would have gotten better responses phrasing this question in a positive way.

i.e. instead "finding a non-sexist JRPG" try something like "finding a JRPG with well written Female Characters" or "finding a JRPG with relatable Female Protagonists" etc.

get what I'm sayin?

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@sashamaz said:

@slag: They never said they couldn't find a buyer, if you read their statement I think you'll find that they (Shakuro) tried everything to buy the site from fullspectrum and even offered up buyers but it did not work i.e. full spectrum refused. Nothing in the two quotes below even suggests that they couldn't find a buyer.

I was talking about Spectrum selling the site not Shakuro.

I'm not buying the personal reasons excuse Spectrum gave Shakuro. As Shakuro pointed out, there is interest out there if the price was right.

Given today's news from Shakuro

We got a permission to use ‪#‎CGHUB‬'s codebase for non-CG / art related project. Not exactly how we would like to proceed, but if someone has super cool ideas - please drop us a line:

"personal reasons" excuse from Spectrum makes even less sense than before. I assume it's got to be money related somehow, whether be it an already concluded sale to somebody who wants the site down (maybe a competitor to cghub?) or something about potential litigation.

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oh man Marley and Me, I can't watch that movie anymore it rips me up too bad.

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I can't really think of anything concrete, I usually make the opposite mistake and think things are going to be better than they are.

Steam and digital games as a whole I guess, in that I didn't think I'd like it. But at least so far they haven't burned me.

My guess is that I will be wrong about the XBone. I thought it was going to be a dumpster fire after E3 last year, but given the way Microsoft's new xbox team has scrambled to repair the poor launch (in particular the titanfall bundle/price cut imo is very smart) I think my initial fear will be wrong.