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If I got any unplayed Open World games or RPG , that are big and beefy but not dependent on super intense concentration/timing I'd dive into that . Like a Saints Row or Final fantasy or Persona..

I would not play a multiplayer game if I'm on the mend.

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@oursin_360: @thatbendorf: I felt the same way util I booted up Dragon Age: Origins the other day.

early 360/ps3 stuff looks pretty rough now.

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I go for the hardest mode I think I can beat in most games. E.g. an action adventure game I'm cranking it all the way up, fighting games I might turn it down.

I want the cheevos and being forced to master the mechanics. If I play on easy or normal, I get lazy and play down to the difficulty level. That's what is right for me, it may not be right for you. All that matters is what you enjoy.

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I think games from the last 7-8 years have been more iterative than innovative to be honest. However those small changes add up and when you look back at where we were 7 years ago versus now, you can see just how far we've come.

Ones that standout to me as possible candidates

  • DotA -LeagueofLegends/DOTA2 -created MOBAs
  • Minecraft- whatever Minecraft go anywhere do anything games are.
  • Ingress/Pokemon Go - Geocaching
  • Clash of Clans -Aysnchronous Mobile mulitplayer
  • Borderlands- Loot driven FPS games
  • Chivalry/Mount and Blade- FPM- (First Person Melee)
  • Heavy Rain/TWD Season 1 - New Style fo Adventure games utilizing QTEs and Episodic content
  • Demon Souls/Dark Souls - Basically reinventing 3D Zelda for an older audience
  • Binding of Isaac (or whatever kicked off the roguelike renaissance)
  • Monster Hunter/Dragon's Dogma - The Hunting genre
  • Destiny/The Division - Online persistent MMOs involving shooting
  • For Honor - Multi player dynasty warriors crossed with a sword duel game
  • Rust (or whatever started the survival craze)
  • Splatoon - Non violent FPS
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum- Counter Based 3d brawling
  • Shadow of Mordor- Nemesis System
  • Grow Home - Plant growing combined with a 3d platformer
  • Dear Esther- "walking Simulators"
  • Pandora's Tower- I'm not even sure how to describe this one.

Of that list DotA is the only one that really felt earthshattering to me and that was like 2003-4. It just took until around 2011 for the mainstream to get it. Most of these other ones were either slow burners or built upon existing ideas. I don't think you get those "everything is different now" games like you used to. It's more of an evolution than a revolution.

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I don't miss them, I'd rather less plastic etc be used to make something that basically does the same function. Less wasteful, less future trash for a landfill.

they were rad during the time though.

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Nope. Too chicken to. Seems like a lot of hassle for minimal gain too.

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@marokai said:

@slag: I honestly am confused why they made him control like that to begin with. I'm just not sure what the goal was. To make things take longer, to make the pace of the game really slow and deliberate? I guess. But if BUD controlled tight like Mario, I would've rushed to play the sequel. As it is though...

just some speculation/vague memories here

I think the idea was to use Grow Home as a test for procedural movement animation instead of just using a canned walk/jog/run animation for Bud, with the idea that if it worked then you could potentially have more organic looking movement on odd terrain for Assassin's Creed etc in the future (probably cheaper too in the long run versus having artists have to hand render those). So Grow Home is very protypey in that regard and why he felt so swimmy just walking.

i.e. grow Home is kind of like Goat Simulator in that it probably was initially an internal tech demo that they decided to flesh out a bit to see how it would be received as a product.

Then for the climbing, I think the idea there was to better capture the feel of actually scaling a vertical surface like a rock wall which is a very deliberate process.

Potentially neat ideas but I'm not sure they found a way to make either thing fun. The part I found fun was growing the plant, navigating Bud was something I tolerated in order to be able to do that.

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You know what, go for it Dan & Bianca.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

You have my blessing.

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As others have said, if you really feel you have to share this, ask Jeff on his tumblr or PM Rorie. If either answers great, if either doesn't answer you also have your answer (i.e. don't bother).

But also keep in mind, people in their line of work get grief and second guessed all the time and they likely don't want to or need to hear what you have to say. And if this constructive criticism is about anything unrelated to their craft, do not even bother.

GiantBomb occasionally has surveys and stuff like that, if you see one of those you can volunteer it then to the survey.

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@bisonhero: I don't know for certain, but I was under the impression that it probably isn't given Yves's recent comments about focusing on games as a service driven by player narrative.

I took that to mean more games like The Division less like Valiant hearts.

Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, stated We are creating powerful franchises

“Our excellent performance in the second quarter as well as the sharp improvement in our profitability during the first six months of the fiscal year are proof that we have gotten both our digital strategy and our approach to multiplayer games right. The Crew, The Division and Rainbow Six Siege each have more than 10 million registered players, demonstrating that we are effectively executing our business development plan and moving towards an ever-more recurring model. .All of our actions and initiatives are aimed at achieving this objective that offer long-term visibility. Our multi-studios organization enables us to have regular games releases. And the Live experiences for our consoles and PC games, including our investments in eSports, encourage long-term player engagement. As a result, Ubisoft is well positioned to achieve very high value creation over the coming years.”