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@eccentrix: The Blackwell series is another one that just wrapped its' arc, if you like adventure games.

I haven't played part 5 but I've heard very good things.

The Deponia games are another, but I found those games hard to stomach given how awful Rufus is as a character.

Then I think the most recent Tex Murphy does this as well for that series.

And perhaps my favorite of this type the Quest for Glory games, which wrapped up everything in QfG V.

I think it's fairly common for adventure games to do this. Definitely something you don't often see in AAA games.

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Man the Swapper was a heck of a game, from the look to the mechanics and especially to the story as you covered.

Probably one of the more subtly enjoyable female (?) protagonists I'v ever played.

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I never knew the name for this phenomenon, but this exactly the core mechanical I look for in games.

I think "lenticular design" is often what Nintendo's core design philosophy is. Smash as you mentioned being the perhaps the best example of this. At least that's what it seems to me

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I'm down to get down with this. Sounds tight!

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I think 4 is the right number, but I'd love to have Rorie as either a permanent or regular fill-in 4th.

Doesn't sound realistic though given what he has to do. Anyway I enjoy hearing him when he's on.

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Man I love that video, I wouldn't mind more of those.

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It's things like this swatting bs, that have made me start to hate the internet and social media in the last 3 years or so.

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@ghostiet said:

@bisonhero said:

Yeah, by most accounts, the humour in that game is sub-Family-Guy levels of just trying to be offensive to get a cheap laugh. Or it's like if Ctrl-Alt-Del were a video game.

Holy fuck, yes. Rufus even looks like Tim Fuckley.

Ah man, Now I can't unsee that.

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I don't think it's a weird complaint to have at all. If I bust my butt especially through a hard game with a interesting story, I want the reward of a compelling end to said story. Anything less makes me feel cheated, and I think a lot of people feel that way.

I have not played D3 ye, but what you about xpo really bummed out.

I'm with you one of the things made the first two Diablo games so great was the endings. Big Budget Games just didn't do go that dark back then that often. It made the experience feel special

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I'm working my way through this trilogy just finished the second last month, I get what they were trying to go for with Rufus (Guybrush Threepwood with attitude!), but man that's a tough tightrope to walk and they fail miserably at making him tolerable or remotely likable. It's not funny or well done, it's just irritatingly spiteful. The Deponia games are like a Sarkeesian Nightmare when it comes to how it treats some of its female characters, especially Goal. She's just basically a football being tossed back and forth between Rufus and Cletus, all the while being treated like utter crap by both of them.

They are games I want to like given the artstyle and classic Lucasarts feel to them, but the general undercurrent of just deep mean spiritedness makes that all but impossible.