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149739 Sis Character Overview appears to be a broken association, game mentioned in text, but doesn't show down here 12/13/14 04:33PM 4 Approved
149738 Albatross Character Overview appears to be a broken association, game mentioned in text, but doesn't show down here 12/13/14 04:32PM 4 Approved
145919 Miranda Keyes Character Overview the only appearances the wiki details is her in Halo 2 & 3, neither game was listed in the game appearances links 11/14/14 09:56PM 4 Approved
145644 Dragon's Dogma Quest Game Overview This is more or less the extent of my knowledge of this game, as it's not available in the US 11/12/14 09:28PM 154 Approved
145509 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Game Overview This game started the Amnesia franchise. I figure it ought to be included in the franchise it created 11/12/14 07:40AM 5 Approved
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127368 Qwoplike Concept Overview based on this discussion here Kick challenger air foot seems to have been a very early agme using these conceits http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/tactical-tomato-blogging-1491680/?messageId=7498393#js-message-14 08/07/14 01:11PM 2 Approved
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