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I highly recommend reading this blog post that points out how one of FFXIII's most common complaints is actually one of its strengths.


I've skimmed through the blog post you linked, and it is incredibly articulate in its points. I'd encourage Patrick to consider that for Worth Reading.

The reaction to the Final Fantasy series seems to exist in a behavioral paradox. People demand change, but only if it's the change they want. ...

to be fair to Patrick. He already did, in the one just posted Monday.

Honestly I don't think it's the change that upsets Western fans, I really suspect it's The "anime" aspects of the game design (character design , story tropes etc). There is a cultural bias in America among some consumers against Japanese culture and perhaps much more importantly a strong preference for our own (not all of it comes from a negative place).

The series never meant to hide this from players, but kind of like Metroid , a lot people I suspect had their own head canon of what this series "sounded like" and "looked like". Once you got the HD era any illusions a person could have about that were completely dispelled.

The Band-aid wasn't ripped off as harshly as it was with Other M, but it felt like there was pushback with each pull (Vii from the oldest guard like myself who liked the Medieval European look of the Amano era, X when VA hit, Xii with the MMo gameplay & Vaan's character design and Xiii well I suspect from building pent up frustration about just about everything).

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I've been the series since Day 1 (for US anyway). I've never cared what other people think about the series and I think I've been better off for it. All I care about is that I really like it. :)

It does always make me smile when anybody hears about a change to this series and get upset. Final Fantasy has always been about reinvention. The only thing that could ever upset me about this series is they changed nothing at all. I figure if change coming to Final Fantasy upsets you , you never were a fan of Final Fantasy in the first place.

I blame Spirits Within for this constant pessimism among some. I think that movie's failure scared a lot of fans. The Series seemed untouchable before that, everything they touched (and for a time it seemed like that applied to Squaresoft as a whole) was a smash hit.

If Vii made it "safe" to be a fan, Spirits Within made it "open season" to be pessimistic about the future of the franchise.

Nomura is a just a convenient scapegoat and as others have pointed out, people who "blame" him for the series "losing" haven't really fact checked.

I think the real reason a lot of westerners have lost contact with the series is due to the changing nature of videogames. Once We hit the Ps2 era, the cultural differences in story telling became a lot more noticeable than it was in text, not to mention the higher rez character models enhanced that differences as well. It became unavoidable for many folks just how Japanese these games are. People used to bag on Nintendo constantly for not having voice acting in their 1st party games , but I always thought that was a pretty shrewd move on their part. There is just a segment of US gamers who don't like Japanese aesthetics,tropes and sensibilities and that will probably always be true (Same is true in reverse too)FFX's VA was good for the era, but it felt jarring for someone who used to "hear the game" in their head before. And frankly western games really stepped up their efforts in storytelling and exploration. Let's admit it, if you didn't have a PC in the 90's a lot of Western games were pretty bad-mediocre. It was a confluence of things. None of which was the character designer who made the designs they once loved so much.

So for a person who loved Final Fantasy and then started drifting from it to more western ones, I suspect it's psychologically easier for some to blame FF (and by extension Nomura) for "failing" them than acknowledging that they just had options they didn't have before that they preferred. It's ok to like a Bioware game better if that's your thing, but let's not pretend that Final Fantasy has somehow lost their way that much. Xiii may not be my favorite of the series, but it is unquestionably a Final Fantasy game in every sense of the word.

Seeing Lightning Returns's sales numbers, I don't think we can say all is well, but all signs seem to be pointing to FFXV being another meaningfully interesting entry in the series. There may be choppy waters ahead fro FF, but I suspect that's purely due to the changing spending and playing habits of Japanese gamers more than any design decision Square does or doesn't make.

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Hah yeah it is terrible to think about this. I just rebought the stalker games on GoG since I had them all on CD this weekend ;( . Well at least Clear Sky was a new buy, never played it before but it is supposed to be the worst of the series.

Once you got the bug it's really hard to kick man. I feel like GoG was my gateway drug since it gave me 6-7 games for free.

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That's ok. It's Mario Kart with a twist or two, but still just Mario Kart. Which is great, but also just Mario Kart.

Most crucially I don't believe it had battle mode :(

Mario Kart for me was/is a single player game, because well I didn't live near other dudes who played. But when I did it was always battle mode.

By the time online play came around, I wasn't playing it that much.

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Man I didn't know Trace Memory had a sequel, i was bummed as it is that we didn't get Last Window here either.

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So you are in the Wii-U marks the start of this gen camp then.

Me too. I think the era which these systems are released is more important that their graphical horse power.

The Wii-U may not have the punch of the PS4 or XBone, but it does represent Nintendo's strategy for this gen.

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That was pretty awesome man!

Man those stats are neat!

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Ahhhhh crud, this actually made me want to play this.

I kinda hate myself now.

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I almost completely agree with you on this list, perhaps to a frightening degree. Hah, I don't think I've ever had that happen before!

The only thing I'd change is have MP up at #2 instead of 4.

Not a fan of Double Dash! Eh?

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@mortuss_zero: Pre-Ps1 beating games was no joke man. No shame in that.