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@mooseymcman: oh yeah, I remember that now!

And actually I thought in terms of Environmental storytelling ala System Shock/Bioshock that game did a really good job. Having no HUD helped a lot I think, making it feel more immersive. The game felt a bit like a Disney theme park ride at parts, especially the boat sections. It's just too bad that story itself of King Kong wasn't that interesting.

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Oh Wow wow, does this look cool! I'd much rather play this than BG&E 2.

You know what Michel Ancel game this reminds me of?

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. Not even kidding.

That game was surprisingly good.

This seems it shares a lot more in common with Monster Hunter to me though. Which if it use the MH/Dragon's Dogma type combat could make this game absolutely amazing.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect is sitting near the top of my backlog thanks to a steep Humble Bundle Sale. I hope to get to it by the end of the month.

Glad to hear it was a good time! I'm looking forward to playing it.

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Wonderful List!

I will say I do have some differences with you, in ways you'd probably expect.

for me personally 1 &2 are inverted, 9 is 3 because I'd judge by how it played when I played it, 6 would be probably closer to 9 or 10

and 12 is dead last. Spirit Tracks ruined the overworld in my opinion, which is why I rank it so low despite some of the other things it did well.

Where does Four Sword Adventures fall in your eyes? for me it's a bottom tier Zelda, but it still was a good time.

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Hey dude, I'm like the inverse you in this regard , I banged out 8 games in July, but August I've yet to finish any and it doesn't feel like I'll get to many. (although Child of Light is one I'm chewin on and struggling with for some reason. It's just kind of boring).

Re: Nidhogg- I think Nidhogg's appeal gets at what Nintendo was trying to do with the Wii. I think Nintendo looked at how controllers buttons just seemed to endlessly multiply and figured man our products are not just accessible anymore. It's great for hardcore gamers but man is there now a barrier to entry for new customers to our products. And so they tried to simplify it while retaining controls that can play gamecube games, and well you know how that went.

There's something about a mechanically simple but well crafted game like Nidhogg that you just don't see as often today. The little I've played it feels good in a way good old Arcade games did.

Actually a Nidhogg Arcaded machine would be incredible, that would be an awesome King of the Hill type game.

Valdis Story is sitting in my backlog

There also aren’t that many moves in the game overall, and I found myself repeating the same basic combo for the game’s duration. By far the worst part about the combat though, and also my least favorite thing about the entire game, is the knockback your character suffers upon taking a hit.

but I think you just bumped it down my to play list. :) Ha so thanks for that I guess!

have fun with XCOM, man is that game so good. Although I'm not sure given your tastes re: randomness how you are going to like getting RNGed. Nuthin like whiffin on three 97% shots in a row, to make you put a fist in the wall.

I just got to stop torturing myself (somehow my brain is convinced that only Classic+Ironman modes is "real" XCOM) and just finish it.

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@starfoxa: don't blame you dude, wiki stuff is a lot of work.

sometimes I feel inspired, most days not. It's hard to get too invested without a style guide or a more clear structure on how tocontribute.

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And I went ahead and fixed FoZ-ero, Mario 64 and Sonic the Hedgehog too

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@slag said:

I'm just rating it positively now in anticipation of your usual quality work.

I will say Rusty's Real Deal Baseball being on the list is a genuine surprise to me

Thanks! This is basically just the beginnings of my GOTY list. As I think we agreed in another thread, there hasn't been very much this year that's interested me enough to convince me to stop picking through my backlog. The fact that games now cost $70 at launch here in Canada isn't going to help in that regard.

I pre-ordered Smash Bros., Bayonetta 1/2, and Hyrule Warriors through a Canadian Best Buy "pre-order E3 games for 30% off" promotion, so I'll at least get a few more games on this list by the end of the year. I bet I'll have played Final Fantasy X HD by the end of the year as well.

Yeah it's kinda nice to have a year like this. Gives me a chance to catch up on the second tier/oddball stuff I also enjoy.

Still wouldn't a couple more jaw droppers release this year though.

Hyrule Warriors in particular look more fun than it has any right to be, If I get a WiiU I'd think this is the kind of year a game like that would be top ten material.

Yeah that blows for you guys up north re: prices, I guess they figure they can raise them on you guys because they can get away with it. :(

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I'm just rating it positively now in anticipation of your usual quality work.

I will say Rusty's Real Deal Baseball being on the list is a genuine surprise to me