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Hey @majormitch!

Congrats on the degree man, that's awesome! You plannin' on going for a PhD down the road? I hope your new job treats you well!

You had a much more productive gaming month than I. I don't have a PS4 so no Axiom verge for me. I did try it at PAX though and realized I needed to buy it as soon as it's available on PC. Very glad to hear it holds up all the way through.

Totally agree with you on "metroidvania" that and "roguelike" I think are terms where we can do better. We don't have DOTAlike or Doom Clone or GTA clone anymore fwiw.

I've been busy lately so I haven't gamed a whole let lately, but I did manage to knock out Batman : Arkham city in April. Boy did I enjoy that game and didn't expect to. I don't know if you remember the exchange we had about collectibles a while back, but B:AC was a game that handled about as well as I've seen it done in an Open World game.

It's a subtle thing but one of things I enjoyed most about the game was that it had no minimap, just a compass of sorts you could use to orient yourself to the next objective. One problem I always have in in open world games is I end up staring at the minimap the whole time instead of soaking in the environment to navigate effectively. Especially if I'm going at fast speeds (like driving). It was really nice to be able to keep my focus on Gotha...err "Arkham City" itself.

I just finished Act 2 of Broken Age tonight (replayed the whole thing actually), so for once we are playing the same thing! I'll look forward to swapping impressions with you once you've finished.

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@bdhurkett said:

Six months or so later, it looks like - have things improved?

for me? No sir they have not. In fact I just re-bought a game I owned on Wii Virtual console.

Now to be fair to myself, it is an episodic game and I only owned the first episode. So re-buying the first episode as part of a package was the cheapest way to get the rest I didn't own. ($15 vs ~$40)

I just haven't updated the list, because well the point was made and I hate the perfect coda.

The Train's left the station though and I don't see it stoppin' for me anytime soon unfortunately.

I bought a bundle about two hours ago, 70% of which (it was so convenient!) I already owned, with 100% of that 80% yet to even (steam keys AND drm-free!) be installed, so (and the whole lot was only $3.49!) it's probably a lesson I could do with remembering.

This part here sounds like more of what I'm doing. It's a sickness man, and we all got it.

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Combat looks like a Batman game. I'm down to get down.

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I remember Mystical Ninja, running a ton of ads and hype for like 2 months back in the day. And then it totally disappeared from public consciousness. Same kinda deal with Ikaruga

I did not like Might&Magic: Clash of Heroes at all, but maybe I didn't give it a fair shake

Really interesting list man, I enjoyed reading your rationale for your feelings (especially on UnieL) these games are definitely unheralded alright.

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Don't worry ZP, Breath of Death wasn't very funny even for those who did get the references. Honestly the "jokes" felt really lazy, like here's the punchline with zero setup at all. It was a game I wanted to like, but couldn't.

I agree with @believer258, if you are going to play any JRPG ChronoTrigger probably has the most general appeal (besides well maybe Persona and the Paper mario games).

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This thread has gone over 9000!

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Wow just wow. How did I not know of this till now?

I had no idea there were "Nintendo 3DS Girls". How incredibly awkward.

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@slag: Hey Slag! I did get around to a large quantity of games this month, which was great! I didn't necessarily spend a lot of time with games though; I didn't spend more than 3 hours or so on any one game but Ori...

Sometimes shorter games are more enjoyable. Games in my experience usually make the mistake of over-staying their welcome than the converse, probably due to perverse perceived economic reasons.

Either way man, that was good stuff!

I'm glad I could provide the warning about Ori. I still think it's worth playing though, missable collectibles and all, so long as you enjoy good platforming.

Yeah for me it's just a question of when to play it and how much to pay for it. Your blog turned it from a near launch full price purchase, to a Steam summer/winter sale kind of thing for me. Which is a good thing, because I shouldn't be wasting money on new games right now anyway for budgetary adn backlog reasons.

Thanks again man!

I agree that it's nicer to have help in a 3D space. Or maybe it just comes down to how well the world is designed, I have no idea.

Personally, I definitely think it's not a design issue and something just inherent to a player trying perceive a 3d space. The area the player is scanning for collectibles is just so much larger having that third dimension to consider, with so many more potential visual obstructions. Even in a Third Person perspective game, The player never has complete sight of the playable area they are in (especially because they can't see behind them).

And then you have the Traversal issue. 3d worlds just take longer to get from point A to point B since it has to depict the world with more realistic proportions vs 2d one which can take greater liberties with such things.

So more time to traverse and a larger area with more angles to inspect, just make it easier to overlook collectibles and perhaps discourages players from even trying.

I think this is a problem too in players trying to figure out where their next objective is in 3d games in general.

I don't have a great answer to any of these design problems, but I admit I'm amazed nearly twenty years after Super Mario 64, that no one really seems to have figured it out yet.

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Why am I not surprised Dan has Zero Video Game plate discipline?

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Hey Mitch!

You got some serious gaming done this month! You totally just unsold me on Ori though based on these couple points you made

that I’m not sure how much I like the modern trend of games with important collectibles eventually showing you their location on the map.

Totally agree. Especially in 2D games, that's just unnecessary.

Ubisoft games in particular are really terrible with this. It really takes the fun out hunting out the equation and turns into busywork. I get why in a 3D world the player needs some help, because the world and viepoints are so numerous.

I don't have an answer for this either, but I did like the way Red Dead Redemption handled their collectible hunt by having the player try to identify landmarks from hand drawings.

There's got to be a way to "gamify" collectible hunting without just handing you the answers.

My only substantial gripe with Ori and the Blind Forest, however, is that there are missable collectibles and upgrades in the game; that seems downright criminal in a game so focused on exploration. Not only that, but once you beat the game you can’t load your file back up at all.

And this is the one where this game instantly goes on the backburner for me. That's a dang shame. I really appreciate the warning as that sort of thing will drive me absolutely crazy, I didn't know Ori did that till now.

I largely feel the same way about Gunman Clive. I don't think I've played anything else you played this month.

All I ended up playing this month was Transistor, which I ended up liking a lot more than I expected.

And I did get to go to PAX East and got to play all sorts of crazy things there. Axiom Verge is definitely good stuff. :)