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There's some serious amount of Japan on this list.

I approve.

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Well, I think we've now seen the best written and most unique Game of the Year list for this year.

And Probably the best of the last Three years at that.

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dang @l1ghtn1n you played a ton of releases from this year!

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Final Fantasy Viii started my pile of shame too back in the day.

I burnt myself out trying to draw 99 Ultima spells for every character.

I don't know why Ratchet & Clank never clicked with me. I don't feel like the games did anything wrong per say, It just seemed to me to be a series where the platforming was second to the combat and I prefer the Mario platforming focused 3D Platformers.

perfect example of good games, that just aren't my thing

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Link's Awakening is one of those games I wished I had played in its day. Man that game must have seemed absolutely incredible compared to other GB games.

Holds up remarkably well, perhaps better than any other original GB game.

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glad somebody else I respect played LA NOire and really enjoyed it.

I played it too for the first time this year and if I were counting old games it'd easily be my GotY.

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@slag: I thought about a list of the worst/most disappointing games of 2014, but I think I'll leave that to a New Year's blog. Banished is super hard to get into at first because it really does have a sharp difficulty curve, but it's a tremendously good game. It's certainly one of the most impressive indie efforts I've ever seen.

I wish I could have played Divinity, Wasteland, and Civ Beyond Earth this year. I've no doubt in my mind those would've wound up on here somewhere.

Yeah that's the rub of these kinds of lists isn't it?

We're not professional reviewers, so we are limited by time and money as to what we can play.

A lot of these lists I feel are created in a way at time of purchase....after all if you don't have the game it's hard to rate/play it. Goes to show how much marketing may influence us more than we realize.

Guess I'm thinking about this a lot since my probable GoTY is a game I don't own yet (because I don't own the necessary hardware), which is an odd situation. But of what I've played of it... I can't think of anything better. It's that kind of year

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@sparky_buzzsaw No Flora's Fruit Farm? Gee why not? :)

Nice list Sparky, definitely going to have a lot of the same contenders on mine too. I didn't play Banished, but I'm surprised by how few lists I've seen that one one so far given the reception it had.

I can't decide as of yet where South Park and DA:I are going to end up. Both are in my top 5, but where exactly in it is the question...

I don't think I'm going to make it to Blackwell in time for my list. I'm sitting on DA:I, Divinity and South Park all unfinished atm

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I just now read this so here is the response.

I actually really liked Four Swords Adventures (gamecube) IF you can get at least one other person to play with you. It's like a super-streamlined version of the core Zelda ideas (get item, use item to solve puzzle, move to next room) which isn't really BAD, it just isn't...difficult. What makes it hard and fun is the competitive/cooperative multiplayer aspect, which I think is a riot. I'd love to see them remake the game on the WiiU or something with maybe some better designed dungeons.

Yeah I think you are onto to something there, too bad the WiiU can't support multiple gamepads. I bet Four Swords could have been a title that could used that sort of potentially asynchronous play creatively.

btw why do you want to delete your reviews?

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I think your general strategy of being excellent to everyone is extremely smart. Not is it a classic way to build fans of your product (it sounds similar to many approaches I've heard used in sales in other fields), but it's just a good way to treat people.

fwiw i think the look/aesthetic of your game really helps make it stand out too, It's eye catching and very distinctive. Even if I didn't know you from Giant Bomb that alone would have caught my interest.

Your game looks fantastic! I haven't really messed with racers for years, but your game has that kind of cartoony arcadey look I really miss from car games (more of an F-Zero man than a Gran Turismo guy).

Good luck with the rest of your development!