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So you are in the Wii-U marks the start of this gen camp then.

Me too. I think the era which these systems are released is more important that their graphical horse power.

The Wii-U may not have the punch of the PS4 or XBone, but it does represent Nintendo's strategy for this gen.

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That was pretty awesome man!

Man those stats are neat!

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Ahhhhh crud, this actually made me want to play this.

I kinda hate myself now.

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I almost completely agree with you on this list, perhaps to a frightening degree. Hah, I don't think I've ever had that happen before!

The only thing I'd change is have MP up at #2 instead of 4.

Not a fan of Double Dash! Eh?

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@mortuss_zero: Pre-Ps1 beating games was no joke man. No shame in that.

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@mortuss_zero: me too man. NES era was my start, but I think I'm only got 320+ some beaten, probably meaningfully played about ~400.

Kinda jealous man, there are some good ones in there!

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Damn dude, I feel like a slacker now.

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@matatat said:
@fuwano said:

@theblue: I don't understand why people get all hot and bothered when somebody doesn't like a game.

In this case Jeff stated pretty explicitly that he thinks it's generational. When you are younger you will put up with more or become attached to something more easily. Jeff is just upfront about how he feels about it and it seems that he has put a little thought into it. What more could you ask from him?

I think the generational thing might be accurate. I played a lot of Smash Bros when it came out on N64 but I never got super into it. It was just a fun game to play with friends. It wasn't until Melee in Jr. High that I really got into it with my friends. Part of that was us branching into competitive territory and really understanding just how far the rabbit hole can go. If I didn't have that experience I would probably have a completely different outlook on the game. Considering Jeff and Brad are much older than I am its understandable that they wouldn't have that outlook. However I think if Jeff took some time to really understand more about the game he would be more into it, but he's at a point where he doesn't really have time to do that.

I sure as heck don't buy into that. (this isn't directed at anyone in particular, just happened that your comment was a convenient one to address my thoughts to)

I'm basically Jeff & Brad's generation and I think Smash Bros is good stuff, really good stuff. Most of my friends and contemporaries I know personally think the same. It's a darn fine local multiplayer party game, that you can play with gamers of virtually any skill level and have a good time. They also tend to like that's a game they can play with their kids and both of them can find great enjoyment in it. It's got winks and nods that the adults can appreciate (I admit I'm more excited for MegaMan than I probably ought to be), while having gameplay that's approachable to the kids. It's got a great right mix of Lenticular design (thanks @thatpinguino for that term!) I look for in a game.

I wish more games would use a similar control scheme. I thought the Smash Bros control style took a recent game (Abyss Odyssey) that could have easily been mediocre and made it pretty good. The Nintendo nostalgia aspect of Smash bros is fun, but it's the gameplay that makes it great.

I think the root cause of their dismay is more the miles, than the years as Indiana Jones put it.

Those guys have played a whole mess of games (wouldn't surprise me if Jeff has played several thousand different ones by now) and unlike the rest of us, they don't get breaks from it. There probably comes a point where you've just seen too much. I took a couple years off from gaming early last gen and that really helped revive my passion for it. They can't do that, I don't know how they survive it and still enjoy games to be honest.

I don't blame them for prizing originality and novelty far more than the average player probably does. When you play a tremendous number of different games every year (say 100+), you start to notice just how similar a lot of them are in a way that you would never pick up on if you played 10 or less like most of us outside of their profession do.

I don't blame them for wanting to see crazy odd characters or new mechanics in a game that's just fine for the rest of us, to them novelty might just be precious oxygen in a sea of sameness.

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Nice list, makes me wish a certain Lunarian Liege was around to see it.

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