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Have a good time on your trip man!

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@rvone: I'm with ya man, although I gotta admit my heart really belongs to Trypticon

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@majormitch said:

@slag: Thanks Slag! Hope you had fun at PAX East. I'll make it out to a PAX one of these days, though not living close to any of them makes it trickier! Maybe they'll make PAX North Carolina someday :P

PAX is definitely something any person who has engaged with games as much as you and I have should see at least once. I know some people are understandably disillusioned with it, but I think if you aren't over-exposed to it, it's pretty awe

This was my second one (my first was actually back in 2007), while the Expo hall is kinda what you'd expect and definitely very cool, it's everything else (Console Freeplay, the Arcade room, the panels, parties, games everywhere) that makes it the crazy event that it is. Definitely worth the effort to go up for a weekend some year if you get the chance.

@majormitch said:

I put a lot of thought into the best way to showcase my favorite games, and this approach made the most sense to me. It does mean the list keeps growing

Totally agree, basically what you have replicated in my mind is a Personal Hall of Fame. I always liked the way Major League Baseball handles the way they recognize greatness. It's measure by the worthiness of player, not a quota per era. Well in theory it is anyway. :)

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The east/west trends were definitely interesting to me. While there are certainly more eastern games on this list in the 90s compared to recently, I was expecting it to be significantly more lopsided. I would guess in retrospect that's more due to my taste in games; these are my favorites after all, and I still have an appreciation for Japanese game design. More recent games like The World Ends With You, Pokemon X/Y, and the Souls games continue to prevent Japan from being completely overshadowed. I would bet if I looked at all the games I play, however, there is an overwhelming shift towards western games in the past decade. It's just when I pick my favorites from the masses, I still get some Japanese games in there :)

Yeah I feel similarly. It's kinda odd to me that the GB staff isn't real big on Japanese games anymore since they obviously grew up in an era where they were king too, like we did.

But it isn't just them, I also do think the Gaming Media post-magazine era has perhaps been excessively harsh on Japanese games (the old magazine crowd like OPM, Game Pro, EGM and of course Nintendo Power were pretty big cheerleaders of them). I sometimes wonder if this narrative (of Japan falling from prominence) is perhaps embellished by Western gaming media's distastes for japanese games.

Still there's no question Western games are more plentiful today relative to Eastern ones than they have ever been since the earliest days of the Arcades.

Maybe the cultural differences in storytelling and aesthetic is just harder for people to look past if it bugs them now that the tech of today makes it readily apparent.

@majormitch said:

On that point, I actually keep a spreadsheet of every single game I've played a "meaningful" amount of. It took a while to build when I started it a few years ago, and is too large and unwieldy to keep up to date on GB's sometimes shaky list tools. But in its current form it's easy to update (and sort, by any number of additional variables I want, like year), and the current total is 832 games. So, 50 games out of 832 making this list means that on average 1 out of every 16 or 17 games I play ends up being a "favorite". Considering I primarily play games I expect to like, that makes a certain amount of sense, and still feels pretty exclusive. I will add that I've played a lot more games per year over the past few years, without increasing the number of games per year making this list. That means I used to be adding games more frequently than 1 out of 16, and recently I've been adding them less frequently. 1/16 is just the "average".

Hunh I wish I had done mine that way. Your results make a lot of intuitive sense to me.

I've kept a sortable excel spreadsheet on mine for about 4 years or so (and I really wish I had started earlier), tracking things like when I beat a game, what genre it is and what I'd score etc. But I didn't include games I didn't beat or the kind of games where that isn't a beatable Objective per say. I really wish I had done what you did for my own personal gaming history and I wish I had started much earlier (e.g. would be neat to see how quickly I beat SNES games back in the day etc)

If you're curious according to my sheet I've beaten 345 games (all time not just the last 4 years, last 4 years although I've managed to knock out well over 100), but I'm going to bet, especially if you count games I've rented, Arcade and Mobile games I've meaningfully played well over 1000. I really have no idea. I mean what do you do with things like Ms Pac-Man or Candy Crush what have you.

50 out of 832 sounds like a very reasonable number to me. I just wondered if this was like 50 out 150, then that might feel different. That was the genesis of my question.

I'm also not surprised that new additions to your list are coming at a slower frequency. Even if you assume nostalgia and sentimental value of early played games was a non-factor in biasing your outcome (impossible I think for any of us), Games are so much more plentiful and far less expensive today than they were ten years ago that for me at least makes me more willing to take a flier on a game I'm not sure about. I imagine you might be in the same boat. And of course as we both know the big budget games are more creatively risk averse these days, so you kinda have this disconnect where maybe the Games that typically have the big ideas may not have $$ behind them to execute them in a way to achieve all time great status. Kinda like Heavy Weight Boxing, the belts are now split up.

So yeah that makes total sense to me the way your list has panned out.

Cool stuff man!

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This ain't how I roll, but if this is your thing more power to you.

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This looks absolutely fantastic!

Definitely on board for this one, whenever it comes out.

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Don't feel bad about this man, this is a pretty normal thing to feel for every gamer.

fwiw my break from gaming was at the beginning of the PS3/360 gen, another gen that started out slow in its own way and lasted about 4 years or so. By the time I was back a ton of great games had come out and I've had plenty to play ever since.

hope you feel better!

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You know, one of the best things I ever did for my gaming was to take a couple years off from it. When I came back, there was so much new stuff I got really excited.

Sometimes you just need to mix it up and give yourself a break. Worst thing you can do is force yourself to play when you aren't feeling it. That just turns it into work.

I’m amazed with folks that I have come across and folks in the industry that can constantly find something new to love in gaming in spite of being so entrenched in it and the muck that has crept up and caused a major stir in the past few years

fwiw I personally view the "muck" of the past few years as a gaming community and industry issue.

I don't hold any of that against games themselves, Mario is still Mario know what I mean? You can still care about what's happening and still enjoy games anyway.

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The big ol' city Transformer I believe you are thinking of is Fortress Maximus

He's a big 'un, largest Figure in the series ever for over two decades at almost 2 feet tall. I never had him but I knew kids who did, rich kids. That thing was crazy expensive.

fwiw Gotta admit I was not a big fan of Wreck-Gar initially, didn't like his toy which seemed kinda lame. I liked the fact he had an axe, but his alt mode space junk motorcycle felt and looked cheap compared to the older diecast Toys. I did grow to appreciate his quirky way of talking after a while though.

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Wow very cool! Nice blog dude!

Paging @mento !

This dude is putting out content that looks up your alley!

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Hey @majormitch !

Sorry for the late response! I was at PAX East so I've been getting caught up on what I missed.

I've commented on your list before, you know I think it's really compelling. I like your chronological, if it's good enough it goes on approach. I always thought top 10 lists (or lists like them with arbitrary limits) were a bit silly in the sense that some years there aren't ten truly classic games and some years there are quite a bit more.

I didn't realize you are closer in age to me than I thought! I'm a Nintendo kid as well. That probably explains a lot of the overlap between our tastes. If I were to make one of these myself I think especially pre-2006 (or around 30 on your list) there would be a lot of similar names on mine. And I know that Square and Nintendo would comprise the majority of it.

If I had to guess what my 2003 equivalent from your list would be it would be 1998 (which of course is such a meme at this point it's almost a joke) or 1991 (FF II, Super Mario World and Zelda: ALttP is a really hard trio to ever beat). I think based on what you have there 2003 would be in the running for me too. I also know for me personally 2010& 2011 probably would be as well. I think I like too many games to be a truly discerning critic. :)

regarding this

  • Still, there’s likely a skew towards action/adventure games, RPGs, and strategy games.

I think there's a good reason for this personally, and why a site like GiantBomb basically only really showcases these genres (how often e.g. do they talk about mega hit Puzzle games like Candy Crush, Tetris or Puzzles&Dragons? or Even Sports Games?). And that's because I think those are genres game companies have thus far done the best and offer the most unique experience that only a game can offer.When you ask the general populace what a videogame is chances are those kinds of games or stuff similar is going to be what they say.

I should note that my thought only pertains to single player. If you start including multiplayer than FPS & MOBAs start to be a thing.

  • While the west has become slightly more prominent recently, the trend is more evenly spread over time than I would have guessed.

That is interesting, definitely bucks what one would expect. I know for me personally the amount of Western games I play has exploded compared to the Pre-Gen 7 days. But a large part of that is that because I've switched from having a Sony system as my primary platform....

Just out of curiosity this top 50, Out of how many games do you think it is? 100? 300? 500?

btw looks like I wasn't the only one who liked your list