GOTY 2013

Oops I waited too long to finish for the community poll, but I might as well finish the job since I was a third of the way done writing it.

2013 was a decent year for games in my opinion if for no other reason than Nintendo brought more quality software than they've brought out in a good while. The gaming world is a better place with a Nintendo that's pumpin hits.

But conversely it was a also a risk averse mostly pre-launch year that saw little ground breaking on the AAA side of things. It was a year of Retro, most of the best things were things that in some form or another were back. Maybe it's the kickstarterization of the gaming world (where old IP is eaiser to fund than new) or maybe dev costs are just getting too far out of control.. Whatever the reason, sequelitis was as rampant as it has ever been in my memory this year.

Many of these in the list I have not nearly played enough, but at my age and what I know of my tastes. I know how I feel about these games.

The bottom of the list feels a bit unsettled to me, since there are probably around half dozen to a dozen games I haven't played yet I know would be contenders.

List items