GOTY 2013

Oops I waited too long to finish for the community poll, but I might as well finish the job since I was a third of the way done writing it.

2013 was a decent year for games in my opinion if for no other reason than Nintendo brought more quality software than they've brought out in a good while. The gaming world is a better place with a Nintendo that's pumpin hits.

But conversely it was a also a risk averse mostly pre-launch year that saw little ground breaking on the AAA side of things. It was a year of Retro, most of the best things were things that in some form or another were back. Maybe it's the kickstarterization of the gaming world (where old IP is eaiser to fund than new) or maybe dev costs are just getting too far out of control.. Whatever the reason, sequelitis was as rampant as it has ever been in my memory this year.

Many of these in the list I have not nearly played enough, but at my age and what I know of my tastes. I know how I feel about these games.

The bottom of the list feels a bit unsettled to me, since there are probably around half dozen to a dozen games I haven't played yet I know would be contenders.

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Posted by Hailinel

I cannot argue with a single game on this list. And good on you for giving Pandora's Tower some love! That's a game I own and still have yet to play. It's a part of my pile of shame, but I intend to find time to play it next year.

Posted by Slag

@karkarov said:

I still don't feel good about Gone Home on any list (it just isn't a game, it is an interactive simulation that feels too political to me) and I will never accept Dota 2.... I like the rest of it though! I still need to sit down and play Lara Croft (had it on steam for some time) and Last of Us. Nice to see Rogue Legacy, Ni No Kuni, and my fave Dogma get some love!

Hey thanks man!

I guess my answer is if Gone Home isn't a game what is it? Whatever it is, I like emerging thing. Walking Dead Season 1 was another one I enjoyed. I kinda viewed the way I do a comic book. A fun time.

Either way I do think people saying it's the very very best of the game of the year are a little nuts. As cool as it was, it also was very very short with minimal replayability. At some point that has to matter.

as far as DOTA 2 goes- I think a lot of people just reject the entire MOBA genre (like me with rhythm games or music games like Rock Band. I appreciate them, I just don't enjoy those games) because it probably is the most social and cooperative video gaming experience that exists today. That's pretty different from everything else. I know it's a love it or hate it kinda thing. All I can say is as someone who played a lot of team sports growing up, I like DOTA 2 for the same reason I like those. It captures the competitive camaraderie of Sports in a way Sports games never have come close to doing.

Rogue Legacy is pretty dang great, probably my biggest surprise of the year. Dragon's Dogma of course is criminally underloved by the press.But players seem to know what's up.

Posted by Slag

@hailinel said:

I cannot argue with a single game on this list. And good on you for giving Pandora's Tower some love! That's a game I own and still have yet to play. It's a part of my pile of shame, but I intend to find time to play it next year.

Thanks man! I enjoyed how unique your list was as always too.

I hope you do find some time to play it, it really deserves. I think it's the most unique of the OR 3 given what it tried to do.

Edited by GrantHeaslip

Despite the dumb story, dull characters, and dreary atmosphere, I really liked playing Tomb Raider. The traversal felt great (especially the air-control-heavy jump), and the combat was loose and forgiving in a way I appreciated. The level of polish and great performance was nice given what a mess a lot of recent releases have been. Lara's character arc was questionable, but she was a likeable character. As a complete product, I think I'd take it over Uncharted 2. I also found Attack of the Friday Monsters more emotionally compelling than Gone Home, so my judgement might be suspect!

I plan on getting to Dragon's Dogma DA, Ni No Kuni, and Pandora's Tower at some point next year. I want to play A Link Between Worlds, but I've got it in my head that I want to go back and replay ALttP first.

Posted by Slag

@grantheaslip: Hey duder!

Thanks for the comment!

I wrote you a reply earlier but the forums ate it and I didn't feel up to rewriting it. But heh my list and your comment feel a bit like foreshadowing now in light of the Brianna Wu thing....

My guess is you won't love DD:DA nearly as much as I did. It seems to be divisive dude to the way it tells its' story or according to some doesn't. I really dug it obviously. But the combat mechanics are undeniably wonderful.

I dunno about replaying ALttP before ALbW. On one hand it's a good way to go in with full appreciation for what you are about to play, That's something I've done in the past with series like Prince Of Persia and enjoyed doing.

but on the other given that ALttP is not just a good game but a historically great one it might diminish your potential enjoyment ALbW as it will be obvious where it might not stack up as well...

Posted by GrantHeaslip

@slag: I think I pretty much know what I'm getting into with Dragon's Dogma. I know there's not too much to the story and the interface is a little wonky. It's the combat that I've heard great things about, and weak combat was what really soured me on Oblivion (to the extent that it's comparable) when I played it. I got it for free through PS+, so it's not a huge deal if I don't like it.

My desire to replay ALttP is mostly unrelated to playing ALBW. I've only ever played ALttP once, and I remember very little about it. It was also on the vanilla GBA, so I know I got a second-rate experience, especially in the sound department. Given that it's already sitting on my Wii home screen, I figure it would be a little goofy for me to play ALBW first.

Posted by Slag


I feel the same way. And boy I think you'll dig the big monster fights. If there ever was a game that demonstrated why QTEs are a really poor substitute for good quality boss battle it's DD. Or Monster Hunter I suppose.

I do think people undersell the story in the game quite a bit. It isn't Shakespeare, but the way it doesn't overexplain things resonated with me. I didn't feel like I knew things my Arisen didn't, which it made it feel more immersive to me.

I freely admit I have rose-colored glasses with that agme though. :)

oh and if you want to rent my jacked up pawn when you do play (think she is like lvl 121 now or so?) to save on rift crystals you can borrow friends pawns for free), just PM me and I'll friend you.

RE: ALttP- heck, sure why not? You can't go wrong playing it really. I think it holds up surprisingly well. Much better than OoT.