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I am so out of my depth with this, but it was a fun list to browse. Thanks!

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I'm guessing 40 dollars. I think they would be foolish (although when has that stopped them) to release it at full-retail prices. At least with $40 they could say, 'Well at least it isn't $60'. We'll see though.

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I feel like Stardust, Swery, or even JCV was this years ZMF. I'll be honest, I'm all right with that.

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This is super sad. Good luck man!

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I got a sword from my sister, so that was great.

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This was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Every time I read one of these, I'm tempted to jump into EVE.

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For me at least, the updated form of Iron Banner did a bit to garner some goodwill. It basically allowed the sort of broken late game leveling system to not rely purely on a random number generator.

Still I'm sort of split on the expansion. If my Destiny friends get it, then I probably will as well at some point.

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@azrailx: Man, I should go back and play that game again. You are absolutely right, rolling over fools with my magic. I think I spec'd warrior mage or whatever when you hit 10 or something like that. I remember it being even more powerful.

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Mages were super broken the first game. I just started the second, and mages seem pretty fun. But since I don't have DA:I I suppose my input means little. Carry on.

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If you have to kill the dog at the end....