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My plan was to wait out E3, just in case anything console related was announced. Is this going to derail that plan?

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It's dumb and hokey, but I enjoyed it.

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Oh man, Seattle is going crazy right now. Greek Row is making bonfires people climbing on things, yet most stuff is rather peaceful, at least so far!

This game was amazing, I'm a big fan and would like it to continue happening.

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Doesn't this undermine their mod policy from last week? If it's offline, how much control could they have of how their game is modded?

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I'm up far too late, just to see if this hits 1 million before he beats Lavos. So exciting!

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Die Hard! Then probably Muppet Christmas Carol, and Elf.

Also I forgot about The Santa Clause! I need to watch that again.

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Persona 4. There is some weird stuff with a TV, but the fishing is on point.

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My fear stems from Banjo-Kazooie. Like the second level had a shark that would eat you if you were in the water too long. 7 year old me was so scared of that...

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This has happened to me to. My quick fix is to go back to the main page, log out, and log back in. Seems to fix it for me at least for that live stream.