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Even leftovers from the morning after. C'mon, don't be a savage, reheat that shit.

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My mouse and keyboard don't rumble, so no, it's not very vital to me.

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I used to be fairly active in the Gamespot forums, but after The Great Ruckus of Late '07, I found myself hating the site. I stopped caring about video game news sites until late '08 when I got a new job that allowed me to listen to music. I started getting into podcasts and found the Bombcast.

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@arab_prince: I'm pretty sure it's Rollerboy2 

This is the only working mirror of the game I've been able to find.
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Play Torchlight in between other games. It's a great game, but I can't really imagine sitting down and playing it for several hours at a time.

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@baron_calamity: Pirate Pete, maybe? 
  Skip to about 7:20 for Pirate Pete gameplay.
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@Video_Game_King: I disagree with calling Pokémon a casual game, but respect your choice to do so.
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Yeah, somehow I just can't imagine a weekly 15-30 minute video series in which the Giant Bomb crew talks about another website.

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E. The GB crew can harsh on Blood Bowl, Epic Mickey, and Majora's Mask all they want; that's not going to stop me from playing those games. 
Now, sometimes when a game is misrepresented in the Bombcast or Quick Look (We don't know how to play Blood Bowl and it's for those tabletop nerds so it must be bad!) I'll get a little annoyed, but whatever. I'm sure I'm just as guilty of jumping into a game and letting my first impressions decide how great/terrible it is.

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Monster Hunter. 
The first time I took down a Great Jaggi I felt like king of the fucking world, and they're a pushover compared to the later monsters.