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Azteris said:
"Astaroth sucks. I never see high level players use him. It's usually Siegfried."
Yea and Nightmare. Although I found Kilik to be the most annoying. Still, theres always a move that can counter that cheapness.
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Raiden36O said:
"I dont really care about bad rep, thats not the biggest idiot move on SC IV multiplayer. The most annoying thing is how in 1/3 matches if someone is loosing they will just cut there connection and u dont get a win. I even had some idiot who had like 200 wins 15 defeats cut his connection the moment he died in the final round, id already won the match yet because it hadn't gone to the experience screen i didnt get a win, i mean common. Aparently they still get a loss but why should the winner get screwed over by a sore looser?
Yea happened to me once. Loser was using the apprentice and was getting his ass whooped. And then he quit. Fag. Yea apprentice sucks, why use him.
As for the topic, it went the other way around for me. 5 full stars now where it used to be 3, after my first hour on ranked matches.
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Stupid little kids in COD4 who say the dumbest things ever

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Meh it was a good movie. But it was too modernized and emotional, didn't have the Batman feel to it. And yes overrated for sure.

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Ninjas of course. Pirates wouldn't even see them. Even if they did, they wouldn't see them the second after that.

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Yes, Chun li has some very sexy thighs.

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Probably Taki who is my favorite. Would have used Amy first if she wasn't an unlockable.

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Yeah, very bad idea.
It was the story which made KOTOR awesome. So unless they can somehow make an MMO with a very good story instead of just a whole bunch of quests and dungeons, then it would be fine. And if it is a typical MMO I'm hoping it's a side project kinda thing and that they're also making KOTOR 3.