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Posted by Keeng

Nice list. At least you managed to make it to 10, unlike myself. I'm still debating over stuff like Borderlands, Dragon Age, and a few other superb titles. You're also one of the few people I've seen who said Killzone was better than Modern Warfare 2. Care to elaborate?

Posted by Spiritof

 Yeah, was kinda of stressing that I haven't even played games like Borderlands or Assassin's Creed 2, which I'm sure both would be right up my aisle (and which probably would have bumped a few from the list). Thank god this was an excellent year for downloadable "short burst" gaming.
As for Killzone 2, I just thought it had a few more cool tricks up its sleeves than MW2 had. MW2 is great, but it seem to just throw the same stuff at me as the first one did. I also didn't feel the tension during the story, or the final level, in MW2 as I did in MW1. I also thought, from a visual/audio standpoint, Killzone 2 completely floors MW2. They're both pretty equal in my eyes, I just gave Killzone 2 a bit more on doing the very small things right.
I all honesty, if it were even possible, I'd give GOTY to Oblivion. The game that I FINALLY got around to playing this year, and the game I put around 175 hours into. It still holds up and is probably the best thing I played in 2009, weirdly enough. :)

Posted by Keeng
@SpiritOf: I understand what you mean. I asked about the KZ2-MW2 thing because I just finished Killzone for the first time like three days ago. I agree that the presentation is years ahead of that in MW2 and, from what I hear, the multiplayer is also superior.
About Oblivion, yeah that's a pretty good game. I really got into a few games from last year this year as well. Prince of Persia was superb and that would probably take slot number four on my this year list if it could. I played over 100 hours or Persona 3 this year as well. Old games for the win!