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HA! while I am still playing and having a lot of fun with the game, this email is just... embarrassingly pathetic.

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Today, logging on at 5.15pm I had no queue at all on my server, compared to upwards of 530st in queue previously. Whatever has happened (be it natural migration or something Bioware has done on the backend) it seemsto have worked. This has been alot more of a smooth launch for me than I had hoped for,with just a slight UI reaction lag in heavy action areas. I feel the tone of this article is a little underservedly dark on the game. At least reading it without having knowledge of the actual launch of the game would have given me the impression of the entire setup being in shambles.

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This gets my hopes up that SWTOR won´t be solely populated by dickish, all-about-me, ex-wowplayers with a macro to call people noob. I´m hoping (as is Lucasarts apparently) a couple of ex-swg players will jump on the wagon too.

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Very interesting, I'd love to see more of these kinds of articles on the site

Same. Also, with a brother who has this, it was informative on a personal level.  Despite some of the more dickish/trollish phrasings in comments on why these kinds of articles might not constitute news, I have to agree that these articles, while interesting and sometimes horizon-broadening, might be better suited outside of the "News" tag. 
Keep up the great work, Patrick :)
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Thank you for this, Patrick. It is good to see articles reflecting on something other than pure news. And thanks for making me aware of The Killer. It was powerful.

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The Last Remnant for PC. Thought it would be much more Final Fantasy-esque and was pretty starved for that kind of game at the time.
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I started out with an image a friend of mine drew, but after about a year I found this awesome steampunk Lincoln :p Never looked back
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I always play normal first. since it is called normal as well as the default setting for many games, I am presuming it also has recieved the most attention with regards to balancing. I don´t remember ever (at least the last 10 years) setting a difficulty down due to toughness. When I feel like I want to do that it is usually due to frustrations with design, controls or me just not being in the mood for that game, so I tend to throw away the game at that point instead. 
When I´ve completed a game on normal, I usually choose the harder for a second playthrough (though second playthroughs for me are rare. Too many great games yet to play)

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I go there occationally for games not covered here. Giantbomb is my first choice for game information, but I´ve not enough issue with GS anymore to outright boycot it.
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"Damn, I'm totally stuck here... "