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PSN: Sputtser

Got my copy earlier today. I'm really bad so I'm going to stick to practising for a while, though.

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With the press release out I am more scared.

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I'm scared!

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I'm super fucking excited for this. Also, Chie's getting a lunge, divekick and freeze? Hell yes

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All this kickstarter stuff is turning into a real shitshow

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@plugger603: It's not free. The moment they offered this is a service it would be critiqued and compared to existing systems. PS+ has better bonuses while being a less restrictive service and that's the competition.

In general, if you give someone something as a reward of some type and it's lacking from what people expected it would've been better not to offer anything. It comes off as insulting and dishonest.

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I really wish people would be more skeptical of kickstarter. The first few comments are all just assuming this guy has the rights to publish Homeworld games and talking about their donations. The entire thing is so goddamn sketchy.

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@Jayzilla said:

George Orwell called and 1984 wants its dystopian alarm system back or a camera implemented to augment the feature.

The Vita has two cameras!

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@BoringK: I'm so sad