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WOW i just saw the vid on the first page and OMG this is awesome

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@Sogeman said:
" Not permanently but longer than just spotting. I think they mark for about 30 seconds or a minute.  But don't shoot the RPG until the distance appears below the orange square. You aren't locked on until it appears. Then it will definitly hit the chopper (if it doesnt fly into something) and RPGs are a 1hitkil for any Chopper. "
i did not know this, thanks for the info
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i believe the correct term would be vapor trail. if anyone cared

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i found that if i disconnect from live and then reconnect without going to the dash it lets me find a game very quick after that. I think it resets your connection to the EA servers by doing this. 

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@cazamalos: testing and quality have nothing to do with it when outside sources modify a product.  lets take cars as a comparison like you did. Ford is a big car company right, well lets say that 10,000 people decide to take missile launchers and guns and mount them to their cars and go on a rampage on the highways. that's not the fault of Ford is it???? this is the same thing the game worked fine originally but the list of mods/hacks above is from people modifying the game beyond its original purpose.
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it can spread to any game that people wish to ruin. so really the problem could become much much bigger than just MW2.
oh i forgot to add this link in my foirst post 
 List Of Mods:
1. God Mode (Don't Die)
2. Wall Hack (See People Through Walls)
3. Jump Height (Jump Higher)
4. Default Weapon (New Weapon)
5. Gold Desert Eagle (COD4 Gold Desert Eagle)
6. No Recoil (Gun Does Not Have Any Kickback)
7. Unlimited Ammo (Never Run Out Of Ammo)
8. Spawn With AC-130
9. Every Perk (All Perks)
10. Other People Have NO PERKS
11. Other People Can Not Jump
12. Text On Screen (Messages At Beginning)
like i said RUINED, i hate the people making this crap ...oh well battlefiedl BC2 here i come, wonder how long it will take them to ruin that

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 WOW you guys are really clueless arent you. these arent glicthes that IW left in the game or anything of that sort. The majority of these glitches are caused by people actually hacking the game itself. Remember PC gaming and how everygame had what was called trainers and wal hacks for it and the only way to stop them was to have anticheat software running that blocked these people. well that has all came to console games now and the game companies are not prepared for it. They patch them out and they just pop back up with even more of them and worse ones. oh and heres even bigger news....THIS ISNT LIMITED TO MW2!!!!!!!!!!! it can be done in any game. MW2 is being targteed cause its popular and alot of pople doing these hacks are PC gamers that are also pissed off at IW and activision for the way they handled the PC version so they are crippling the console versions.  It wouldnt be that fun for a hacker to make crazy stuff for a game no one plays...where is the fun in ruining a game that no one plays.
PC gaming has had to deal with all this years ago and they made things like punkbuster and other anticheat software to combat it. look at the game company valve they have been dealing with this stuff for 10 -15 years ever since counterstrike was invented.
I love MW2 its a fun game but its dead now and isnt worht it. IW cant stop all these hacks just like they cant stop boosters on 360 in order to stop bossters they need MS to cooperate and they arent, the PS3 leaderboards have been reset a few times while the 360 boards are left untouched with loads of blatant cheaters. they wont clear them cause they will just pop right back aup on different names and it would be obvious that they cant stop them.. and MS isnt going to go out of their way to ban these users. Unless it starts spreading in sucha degree that their money is affected from people not buying DLC for a broken game. or every single popular game starts getting hacked like this.

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if half the parents in the world would actually do some parenting and keep MAture games out of the hands of 10 year olds we wouldnt have as many problems. now everyone below the age of 18 can flame me. im thinking more of 15 and younger crowd but it wont matter
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easy fix and you dont even have to mute anyone...set your privacy settings to friends only. that way you only can hear your friends and only they can hear you. Its very rare that anyone uses teamwork so its not going to matter. if you dont like doing that then just keep muting people over and over and over and over again
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umm whats to keep him from getting shot in the back? he is acting like this kit makes him invincible. i dont see this working on maps that are more wide open. but props to the video maker for spreading the word to the masses, if it wasnt a problem before it will be now.