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" @stealthdf2 said:
" Its been in the game since the first battlefield game, ive played them all, if you dont like it then go play modern noobfare where you can sit in the corner and have a robot get all your kills for you.   LEARN HOW TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD YOU SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!! "
That's odd since Rush mode wasn't introduced until Bad Company.  If that's what you consider the "first battlefield game" then you don't have any business calling other people noobs.  Nevermind the fact that only hardcore tools use the term "noob" without a hint of irony. "
 i never called anyone a noob, i called modern warfare  nooby compared to battlefield.
Suicide bombing has been a part of battlefield since the beginning. whether against an objective or an enemy it has always been part of the game.
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Its been in the game since the first battlefield game, ive played them all, if you dont like it then go play modern noobfare where you can sit in the corner and have a robot get all your kills for you. 

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It is only a instant win if you let them get close enough to blow it up. are you forgetting that you have tanks and all kinds of tools to use against them? you can stop them if you try. i think your just not using everything to your advantage. DICE knows that people use all these tactics and they acknowledge them as real valid tactics.
in my eyes it makes the game MORE interesting and MORE fun.  but i bet your a fan of COD or some other limited shooter eh?

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thats what makes battlefield so awesome!!! you can do so much stuff and you never know whats going to happen. its not predictable like COD games or anything else!

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if it were an exploit then dice wouldnt acknowledge it as a real strategy. and you cant defend an aimbot but you can kill people to keep them away from the bomb site. i do it all the time. if you guys suck thats a different issue. dont cry about losing and say somethign should be removed just cause you fail at countering it
whats next you ask them to remove rockets cause someone used them to blow up the bombsite, or remove tanks for the same reason???

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its called strategy, if you cant defend well enough to keep them from blowing it up anyway they want then you lose. DEFEND BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

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i found web of shadows so boring that i quit cause i was having to force myself to try and play thru it and falling a sleep and i have never played it again.
i played thru the first few levels of shattered dimensions and it seems way better to me.
as someone else said earlier i think giantbomb is becoming more of a showcase for antics of the crew and their attention whoring from their fanboys.  they have went a bit over the top and it isnt appealing anymore

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Super excited for this game. if you guys want some good competition check out and tell them PIRATE or NINJA sent you

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Alright well i dont know if anyone has posted theis but me and my nephew play this game a lot. and we are both in the level 30's . we got bored one day and i remembered from BF2 on PC (i played it from day 1 so yea im a BF addict lol) you could put c4 and stuff on freindly vehicles and with Freindly fire off you could launch them super high and far since they dont explode. 
well we put mines on the ground and then a c4 pack on the pile of 6 mines and then park a atv on it and the person that didnt put the explosives down gets on since they are his bombs he wont die. clikc the button and BOOM you go flying way way in the air and can sometimes go across the whole map and still land on your wheels and keep going. you can also substitute a nade for the c4 but its slower or you can shoot the mines.
 well i was like lets set a trap and we set it up on a natv and then hid and waited for a teammate to hop on and boom we sent the dude sailing!!!!!! so FING HILARIOUS OMG i luaghed till i hurt. and most people will come back and want you to do it again too lol. and we have had some people catch on to what we are doing and start putting mines down with us. we had like 18 mines down once we had already made a small crater and we put a friend on the ATV on laguna prese. wll he flew all the way to the  Dam in the back of the map and when he hit the dam smack in the middle he exploded and died. TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
you can also jump off and parachute in and people are like WTF!

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man i dunno about you guys but my friends and i always use teamwork together. That may be why we all shoot to the top of list in every game tho. lastnight we held back the attacking team on Arica Harbour and they didnt get past the first point but they didnt even get one of the bombs at all. Then we attacked and swept them so fast it was ridiculous, and then we repeated this for the next few games and then guys one the team started sending us messages saying we must have no life if we are all that good LOL sore losers!