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A few years ago my friend and I used to play this shitty, free-to-play baseball game called Dugout Heroes. It was pretty janky, veering towards broken.Where the ball went if you actually managed to make contact as a batter was basically random, and the fielders were utterly useless. Just ridiculous unpredictable, and therefore frustrating to play, but for some reason we kept coming back to it. And things got really competitive, really fast. Eventually, to stop myself from punching a hole in my wall every time we played this horrible, messy, frustrating turd of a game I had to develop a whole routine. I would put on some relaxing music (Sigur Ros, typically), have a stress ball ready beside my mouse, get a tall glass of cold beer, and settle in with a pillow at my back.

What a dumb game.

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Awful. So sorry for you guys. So sorry for us all.

R.I.P. Ryan. You brought a lot of happiness to the world. We'll miss that big, ridiculous laugh.

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I saw this about a month ago! They live-streamed the premiere to theaters all across Canada, and one was playing it in my hometown. It's really fantastic. This is also a great article, Alex.

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I'm also interested in getting a gaming laptop. I want to be able to play games, but as a student I need a laptop I can lug between school and home. So either I get a crappy laptop for portability and a decent gaming PC, or try and combine the two. Which would be cheaper? Probably buying a good gaming laptop. Basically, thanks for all the advice available here.

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@Slaker117 said:
" Are we to assume that the little cartoons of the crew placed on the map when you mouse over represent the cities that will be visited? "
I doubt it, as it seems unlikely that the crew will venture to Nunavut or the Yukon in Canada.
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Finally, jeez. Yet they don't seem to learn their lesson. I imagine the same news will hit CoD in several years.

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iGoogle as well. Tech/gaming boxes on the left, news feeds from CNN, BBC, CBC in the center, and sports on the right. Really enjoying it, I get a taste from all three whenever I first boot up my browser.

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Man, I feel so bad for you guys. My condolences in these hard times.

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Also, imagining Jeff sitting alone in a dark room reading ridiculous game summaries in hilarious voices makes me shiver in glee.

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This is a good thing. Very, very good.