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Awful. So sorry for you guys. So sorry for us all.

R.I.P. Ryan. You brought a lot of happiness to the world. We'll miss that big, ridiculous laugh.

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I saw this about a month ago! They live-streamed the premiere to theaters all across Canada, and one was playing it in my hometown. It's really fantastic. This is also a great article, Alex.

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I'm also interested in getting a gaming laptop. I want to be able to play games, but as a student I need a laptop I can lug between school and home. So either I get a crappy laptop for portability and a decent gaming PC, or try and combine the two. Which would be cheaper? Probably buying a good gaming laptop. Basically, thanks for all the advice available here.

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@Slaker117 said:
" Are we to assume that the little cartoons of the crew placed on the map when you mouse over represent the cities that will be visited? "
I doubt it, as it seems unlikely that the crew will venture to Nunavut or the Yukon in Canada.
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Finally, jeez. Yet they don't seem to learn their lesson. I imagine the same news will hit CoD in several years.

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iGoogle as well. Tech/gaming boxes on the left, news feeds from CNN, BBC, CBC in the center, and sports on the right. Really enjoying it, I get a taste from all three whenever I first boot up my browser.

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Man, I feel so bad for you guys. My condolences in these hard times.

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Also, imagining Jeff sitting alone in a dark room reading ridiculous game summaries in hilarious voices makes me shiver in glee.

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This is a good thing. Very, very good.

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Man that Elder Scrolls trailer sent shivers up my spine. Mass Effect, Uncharted, and Batman all looked great too, as expected.