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Used to be a heavy 360 player (i have 2 360 consoles), but after getting into a few steam sales a couple of years back i started to convert to the PC, eventually settling on a quadcore @ 3.5ghz and a gtx275 (which is going to be replaced for a gtx580 for Battlefield 3 :-) ) 
What i usually do is buy the good big multiplatform  releases on the 360, play with all my mates/family on XBL and then trade the game in, preferring to pick up a cheaper steam deal in the future as the game to keep.
I think the 360 is really starting to show its legs now, i picked up BulletStorm last week, and while the game is great and plays really well, the textures IMHO look pretty terrible on the 360, only one person on my friends list is playing it, so i will no doubt trade it in after a few weeks and pick it up on steam in a sale further down the line to replay it.
I wish more of my friends/family played on the PC, but i think the PC scene is still too technical for the majority of gamers, programs like steam help a lot, but its when you fire up your new game and it does not work that brings out the "PC`s are crap" talk.
I have over 100 games on steam now, every single one i picked up in some kind of sale! but Battlefield 3 will be the first game i ever preorder from steam and pay full price.
I do have a fair few retail PC games, for example i picked up Dead Space 2, i originally ordered the X360 version for £36.99, my local games shop had sold out :( so i used an online retailer, it never arrived :( by the time i was allowed to claim for a lost parcel (15 working days) it was already on sale from the said retailer so i asked for a full refund.
Two days later when i checked the online prices for Dead Space 2, i saw one retailer offering the PC version for £14.85 delivered, under half the price of the 360 version i had attempted to buy 17 days previous.
No brainer.

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Lots of people seamed to enjoy the beta and then never bothered to buy the game. 
Never played the beta but i did download the demo that was on XBL it felt a little iffy to me so i held off the purchase till the price came down, and it came down pretty fast! 
When i picked it up for 10 of my finest english pounds i loaded up the disc and found NOBODY at all on XBL playing the thing, not even a smidge of a sausage. 
The bot matches were a bit crap, so i think i played the utter nonsense that was the "campaign" and then traded it in.

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LOL @ the 25 hour thing. 

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Still have my copy, and still play it quite regular :D 
My copy of Black Ops lasted 1 week before i sold it on eBay for more money than i paid for it = win!

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Hmm, unlockable damage?
Not so sure on that one, i managed to "complete" one of the early GT games, might have been 2 or 3, i did this by beating every single race, completion stats said 98% for the game as it was bugged, i was actually gutted, nothing left for me to do except take a photo of the dev-fail .
I wish i still had the photo to post up, it took me aaaaages to beat everything as well, proper gutted.
I still have GT 1,2,3,4 here with me for my ps2 but GT5 is simply not crying out to me and asking me to jump ship from the PC/Xbox

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It appears to work just as crappy as my 360 Vision Camera, which is EXACTLY what i expected!  
Only this new device has a few extra sub layers of crappy grafted on to it :D

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I borrowed a mates 360 copy upon release and played through it, i was not overly impressed especially with the textures and graphics, so i figured i would pick up the PC version to keep later on down the line when it priced dropped.
I saw the version with the free collectors artbook on sale around a month back for 9.99 delivered (Zavvi uk)  
Did a quick e-search to find posts claiming a PC patch was in the works, so i picked it up, then a week or so later that nice Elizabeth lady posted up that they were pretty done with the pc version, so tough titty :/  
She was getting hammered on the forums about it, to be fair i would not have bought the game if i knew the pc version was getting dropped.
I don't buy much DLC nowadays at all, but the Minervas den has such good reviews.

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Hmm, suprising amount of people appear to be positive about this. 
MS has tried (and failed) to take control of the pc gaming market before, with its ludicrous GFWL titles that asked you to pay to play multiplayer.
Do people not remember the past MS cockups?
This service will IMO not be as good as people think, look at all the ridicules xbox live pricing that goes on for starters, dont expect much different in the new pc store.
While i like gaining achievements, the whole GFWL DRM thing is utterly shocking, people having to beg MS for another activation key, only to be told "this is your last one"
Some people could not even get a key from support. 
And the support seams sketchy at best, last time i checked, it was basically forum users dishing out the second hand support, loads of misinformation being thrown about.
I can use a 360 wired controller IN GFWL titles, cool!
I can plug a wired 360 headset into the controller, but the volume is toooo low, this is because "the headset is not supported" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
More like the GFWL client is tripe.
It works fine in teamspeak  with its adjustable sound sliders.
The GFW forums were full of this kind of stuff last time i checked (over a year ago though)
When MS turned off support for all the old xbox games and people could no longer access any dlc, it made me change my spending habbits quite a bit, it is now pretty rare that i purchase DLC from the live marketplace, and i hold the same reservations about the current and new PC marketplace.
I really dont mind the steam client at all, in fact i have 74 games (yet i have never paid full price for any of them :p )  :)  it appears to be a pretty sweet setup and i always check it for deals, i just can not see myself wanting to split my games collection over 2 different setups.
Especially when the new kid on the block has such a "gash" stigma attached to it.

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Played through the first 5 levels now, game plays fine on both machines, but starting a new game back at episode one, freezes the game for me on the office machine. 

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Sounds like the PC version is full of win.
Will have a look on steam and see if its available.