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@Microshock said:
" @sofacitysweetheart said:
" They do FPS' exceedingly well, I'm pretty sure they're aware of this so SPOILERS... it'll probably be a FPS. I'm totally intrigued by what it'll be, although being published by EA, they'll probably want them to do the modern warfare thing again :/. " We're not Activision, but dammit, maybe we can fool people into thinking we are..."
@Microshock said:
" @MaddProdigy: Misinformed? Oh, I guess playing the last two pieces of trash they put out is being uninformed.  Actually, the COD4 SP was impressive for it's time. It's MP was trash but less trashy than MW2's broken and buggy mess of an excuse for MP. MW2's SP was like wut? Wut did i just play? Wuut. Also, I don't have to put "OH HEY GUYS ITS MY OPINION HERE" everytime I write something. If you're that antsy about people writing what they think, you should yell at every GB reviewer for not saying "in my own opinion".  So yeah. "
Unlike every other anti-MW Giant Bomb troll, you're adorable and unique. "
I don't know if that's a compliment or something, but I don't see how hating something makes me an anti-MW Giant Bomb troll.  I guess if it's rated 5 stars on GB by Jeff, it has to be loved by everyone on GB or they're labeled a troll/.  It was IW who invented game-breaking killstreaks. Chopper gunner anyone? Yeah.... "

It should be common knowledge at this point that Jeff is an exceedingly rabid Call of Duty fanboy.. i mean shit, did you see how totally stoked he was when he found out "ZOMG I KAN SHEWT DOWN U A VEEEEES!!!111!!!!!11!!one.
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@adoggz said:
" @BunkerBuster said:
" Guess the entire country of Canada is now a focus group for America. Thanks. "
Well, Canadians are like the Chinese knockoff of Americans. "

that's funny because even the Chinese make higher quality products than the yanks do.
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@JEC03 said:
"I remember Jeff's gta3 review in 2001 on gamespot thats how long i been around i seen pretty much everyone come and go. "

yea, good times.. my first memory of gamespot was back in 1998 when i read the review for Ocarina of Time.. Jeff reviewed it and it was gamespot's first pefect 10.
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I think i share your opinion exactly.. i had an Xbox 360 around launch.. two of them actually, the first one broke and the second one lasted for about a year then i stuck with the Wii, eventually buying a PS3 slim around the end of 2009. I recently bought an Xbox 360 S and yea it should have been the system we got in 2005, no arguments there... the difference between this one and the old model are night and day not just cosmetically but internally as well. Just the reduction in noise would be good enough for me, the 360 Slim is as quiet as my ps3 and it doesn't make annoying cracking noises when it's temperature changes from use. 
P.S good read.
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Ah c'mon, let's all share our pub stories!
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I've never gotten so drunk that i've actually vomited from it.. i would say i'm a lightweight.. The most i've ever been able to drink was 5 beers and i also helped my friend on a pitcher he ordered for our table, so in total it might have been 6 or 7 beers, maybe.. The worst thing that happened was me pissing like a race horse the entire night.
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I DEMAND THAT BRAD WORKS ON GROWING A 70's era PORN STACHE! make it happen Ryan, Keep him motivated!
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Anyone but that wailing vagina Dom, that guy pisses me off almost as much as Rico from Killzone 2.. the day Dom finally gets killed for being a cunt can't come soon enough. 
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@fearv said:
" @Phazon said:
" Super Nintendo, 1996, hand-me-down from my older brother who "wanted it gone after he got the better N64".    Well, he made a fool of himself, didn't he? :P "
SNES remains one of the most playable consoles. Classic games that hardly age. "

I absolutely loved my Nintendo 64, sadly my family never owned a Super Nintendo lol we went from NES straight to N64 my 10 year old mind was blown.  I wish i could find a decent mock NES system so i could play my remaining NES games.
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That was cringe inducing to say the least...