The Gaming Canon

It is a really scary thought, but many of today's gamers have no memory of the classic games some of us older gamers were raised on.  I find it hard to believe, but yes, some of the kids destroying you in Modern Warfare probably couldn't find their way out of a Pac-man maze. 
This list, however, is not a place to bash on those young 'uns and their lack of respect, or wax nostalgic about days gone by.  No, instead this list will be a place to help educate the newest gaming generation in the classics that made gaming what it is today.  This list is a place for newer gamers to come and finally learn what people are talking about when they say "Konami Code" or "Kill Screen" or "Warp Whistle."  To further help, I will include information about the easiest way to experience these games today, such as PSN, Game Room, or Wii downloads, or modern "collections" releases.
The games included are: 
1) A part of gaming history: A truly subjective standard, but one that should be easily established 
2) Part of a historical meme or other gaming legend 
3) Showcase a major turning point in gaming development 
4) Classics that are still highly playable today 
5) Games that were considered "perfect" when released 
Feel free to add comments with suggestions.  List is still under construction.  Sorted, at this time, by date.

List items