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Rocketeer the game was mentioned I think, go and play it then, its great.

EDIT: Nah, my bad, I was thinking of cinemawares Rocket Ranger, which is different.

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Velocity is definitely on my radar, got to buy it soon I think. How about iphone ports, Canabalt was one, I think I Must Run is one, are there any other notable ones?

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OK, but that seems like an immense pity, with empty lobbies galore.

I actually don't have a PS3, just a vita (&PC). Anyway, if thats the case (and I thought some games worker over 3g), the 3g modem is woefully underutilized. Anyway, thanks guys for the replies.

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Hi all, after watching the Evo 2012 stream for a bit, I started wondering if I should take a proper look at fighting games. For a noob, is the Vita a good-enough platform to get in to these games control-wise and also if the online matchups work fluently? ie. do you get beaten into frustration by players with arcade sticks and tellys when you go online and is going online a painful experience technically? Do the matchups work over 3g?

Also what game would you recommend? BlazBlue seems nice as does UMvC, but I dunno about these really.

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Nice, I'm looking forward to getting some indiebundles.

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I for one am waiting eagerly for this. I've only got the beta windows 8 right now as far as windows goes, and I game regularly on linux with steam via wine. So if I could get all the nice indiegames that have linux ports through steam.. words fail me.

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OP you just asked the most important question when it comes to handhelds, in my opinion. And the answer is, yes, it is. The sticks are well placed, d-pad is of superior quality (and despite one of the best pads around, I still prefer the sticks, which goes to say how good they are), its quite comfy for extended periods. My main ergonomic gripe is with the games that use the rear touchpad, since I have large hands I just let them sprawl around the back, which triggers the rear touchpad sometimes. To hold it by the grooves would require far smaller hands than I have. This could be solved with the grip accessories, but I haven't gotten around to purchasing one.

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Hi all, I thought I'd ask for you guys feedback on what are the best minis available? So far I've enjoyed Canabalt the most I suppose, and now I'm going through Young Thor. Which is pretty good as well. I've mostly bought mini bundles, so I've got a bunch of others, like Widgets Story I&II, but that didn't impress me all that much. I suppose I'll play through it though. My main annoyance with minis as of now, is that there's no PSN achievements or online leaderboards. This is an immense pity, as it'd increase the replay value of games by a ton. So I wish Sony would just keep up with the mini program and just release 'enhanced for the Vita' versions there.

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I actually regret the plastic copy purchases I've made, so yeah, I use steam.

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