Onward, to victory...

It's 4:46pm BST, i'm still at work, and I'm wasted.

I feel like I'm starting too many blogs with "I haven't blogged for a while" to the extent that the expectation for Sweep blogs has diminished. I'd like to begin a blog with a triumphant return but, in truth, I can't really be fucked. I have a twitter, I have a facebook, I have many outputs for the regular insanities that cloud my judgement. The entire blog format seems somewhat convoluted, an extension of opinions that are more concisely and articulately portrayed by other mediums - this is not to say that blogging has been entirely diminished conceptually, and I remain a full advocate of it's unique presence both on this website and the internet as a whole. I just cannot, personally, be fucked. Sorry.

This blog is a heads up; A warning. I'm being sent away to Mumbai for a couple of months to work, and I will have very little online presence. This blog remains a bastion of sanity in a life that is about to become increasingly chaotic. I will be posting all my adventures and misfortunes right here. So stay tuned, giantbomb.... you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Thanks for reading,

Love Sweep

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I can't speak to Mumbai, but India is an... interesting place to live, to say the least. Good luck duder!