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I thought that was a browser issue? I've had it on other sites too, when I enter something into a comment box and then navigate away.

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Oh good, this thread again.

The last few weeks have been fantastic. We've had more content than ever before, more staff interaction, new features, more guests and interviews, a wider range of quick looks, pretty much everything you could possibly ask for. I even find Jeff's occasional jadedness to contrast superbly with Dan's endless optimism and enthusiasm, so everything works out just fine.

Just. Fine.

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Worth pointing out that everyone who replied to this thread so far is a subscriber already, so you probably wouldn't even see much of a difference.

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Had fun commentating last year, would definitely be interested in doing that again. Also feel free to give me a shout for all your mod needs around the site.


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Rogue Squadron was a hell of a game. Had a lot of fun with the original Battlefront as well.

Episode 1: the phantom menace for PS1 was easily my favourite though. Weird.

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In my mind I imagine the British mod takeover as something akin to the Yellow Turban Rebellion...

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Look forward to the creepy mod slash fiction that you'll inevitably be sent in the very near future.

It's actually impressive the amount of effort that guy puts in.

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I'd happily pay a decent monthly subscription if it opened up the entire steam catalogue. I spend a stupid amount on games in steam sales and I never play them anyway. Everything is heading towards micro transactions already, so fuck it.

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Your poll is missing a "I delete the comment and ban them" answer.

It's frustrating to see many people register that harassment of other people is taking place online but ignore it. We have a flag system here, and while it's not perfect, if you flag something then it WILL be seen by a moderator or member of staff, and if it's breaking our rules then action WILL be taken.

Harassment is not tolerated here in any form, regardless of context. If you see someone being an asshole then flag their comment. If it hasn't already been deleted then it's probably because it hasn't been flagged yet, not because we've seen it and are ignoring it.