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I know this is a last minute post but will Giantbomb users be meeting up at anytime during the weekend at the Eurogamer Expo in London?

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I picked up the Movie Torque today for £0.75p ($1 approx)

I'm sure that Mr Gerstmann will approve of this purchase!

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:( But thanks for the info.

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Tiger Woods Golf 12 or Space Invaders.....hmmmm...... I guess that I could still play RL Golf but I can't kill space Invaders so Space Invaders wins!

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Any news on a Giantbomb Quick Look for this games closed Beta?

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1. Killzone(PS2)

The original game released on PS2 was hardly critically acclaimed although the sales were admirable.

@supermariobrah said:

Playstation UK Magazine gave the game 9/10 and called it "The best FPS on PS2"

Is that not enough praise! ;)

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Question : Why do people hate the Vita so much?

Answer : jealousy (A.K.A Nintendo fanboyz who have not got a Vita only a kiddy 3DS)

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@Encephalon said:

Oh, and please no impassioned arguments on how violent games don't make violent people. He's not my kid, I don't make the calls on how he's raised.

What about an impassioned argument on kids not staying indoors playing video games? ;)

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I have just downloaded and finished the demo. And apart from some fiddly touch control's I found the game great fun.

Unless the game falls apart later on it seems at least like a 7 out of 10 game. I get the feeling that a lot of the professional reviewers expectations for ps vita games are unrealistic.

Any way what do you guys think of the demo or even the full game?