Fable III - A Scrubs Glimpse (Possible Spoilers)

I'm going to get one thing off the bat right now, I didn't follow this game. I should've but I didn't. I did it for one reason, so I wasn't shot down by Molyneux's lies .And All I can say is after following such a path, I'm nod disappointed by the game. Well, kind of am. But not much. 
Fable III as we all know throws you in the shoes of a now talking prince, one of the sons of the old Hero. Two things about this intrigue me. One, a talking Protagonist shocked me but, I like it. Gives your character some...well...character. Secondly, I wish we could of imported our old save file (which is now the trend) and they could have had the child look somewhat like our old Hero. Just a though. 
Combat is the same, which is a good thing, i've always love the combat system but it seems a little more fluid now. One thing I'm confused about is people were saying something about the magic all being unlocked from the beginning, what the fuck? I remember having to buy my spells one at a time, like any other Fable game. 
Which leads me to my next point, How awesome is dual gauntlets? It was something I wasn't expecting but an awesome thing none the less.Combining spells is a rad idea. I endorse it fully. 
The pause "menu". Your Sanctuary. I'll keep this short. 

  • I like it.
  • I love hearing John Cleese.
  • It isn't a Hassle.
  • It makes shit easy.
  • I kind of wish I could hit "Back" for a traditional menu. I've found myself using the Xbox button to pause sometimes.
One thing really bugs me about this game. It's so fucking hard to play as the King when you're trying to stay Pure. Every good deed just puts you massively in debt. I'm trying to be the best king ever but, the treasury is down a cool million. Maybe I have to go out and buy my own property or something and fill it myself, it just seems that every day Reaver pulls out an idea that I really like and backs it with some pretty awesome facts but, I go with the woman and do the "right" thing. 
This is all for another Scrubs Glimpse. Have a good day! 
Before I go, How awesome is it having Reaver back?

Team Fortress 2 - A Scrubs Glimpse

I'm having a lot of trouble writing up a blog about this. I just can't seem to put coherent thought into proper sentences and paragraphs so instead, I'll resort to point form! 
That's how the cool kids do it, 

  • This is my first Team Fortress Game.
  • This is my First Class based Game.
  • I'm not sure which class I favour.
  • The Pyro isn't bad.
  • I kinda like the Heavy but feel like I'm cheating the system.
  • Not enough Medics in maps, and if they are, they don't do anything.
  • Spies. Them bastards always be stabbing me.
  • Spies. Don't try shoot me when it says you're "Synthballs", Odds are I'll catch on it's not me trying to shoot me and I'll fucking kill you.
  • Snipers are pretty alright but in 2Fort they're overused.
  • Speaking of which, Bow and Arrows are awesome and I can' wait to use one.
  • Demolition, I got the most kills with this class somehow but, I'm not a massive fan.
  • Engineers are pretty alright. If you get with another Engineer in a good spot, the two of you will be awesome and build awesomely.
  • Soldier Class is pretty weird. I don't like trying to rocker jump. It always ends badly. Plus, I usually shoot a rocket at the wall in front of me by accident.
  • Scouts. They're fast. Real fast. Outside of that, I don't know whats so special. I think I just suck.
I don't know what this game was like before but because I got into this game after the giant Mann Co. update, games are nearly like a WoW server... 


I 'd just ignore it but, it's in the chat box and getting put through my speakers. C'mon guys, just shoot some kids yeah? I'm sure a Steam Group is out there to help with all your trading needs. 
I'm not doing too bad right now, last night I got three headshots within five seconds with a Sniper and was using my Touch Pad and not my mouse. Three achievements in a row. It felt good. 
I think I've died and gone to heaven, I've never seen so many in all my life. I've never been an Achievement whore before but, I think I could become one now. I really do. 
EDIT: While you're at it, add me on Steam. I'll pretty much always be on it.

Audiohazard/Beatsurf or How I Find These Music Games

I recently purchased Audiosurf and Beat Hazard and wanted to give you my impressions on them. 
Before I get into anything, I just want to comment on how the music game genre has grown since the conception of Guitar Hero and say that I think it is a good thing and that games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard are a step in the right direction. Especially if it lets you use your own library, infinite possibilities and whatnot.  

Audiosurf Impressions

 I acquired Audiosurf when it was new a few years ago and ran it on a laptop that wasn't technically impressive and it made me lose a lot of love for the game. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I got a new laptop and decided to give it another go (also a legitimate one at that) that I discovered that it wasn't my bad laptop that made me lose the love but it was the game itself. 
My problem with the game is that it works best with games with large tempos which really makes a lot of my music pointless in the game. That may sound like a little bit of a bitch and more my problem then the games but, I can't possibly be the only person in the world who doesn't have the worlds greatest love of techno (The predominate fastest music).  
I wish they could compensate for rock tracks that are fast for the genre they are in but when compared to something like Scooter it just gets a dull and boring track to play on. It isn't a major thing but it is something that doesn't help my enjoyment of the game. 

Beat Hazard Impressions

This game I only got last night and feel like it will be a little more enjoyable. 
I do understand they're two totally different games but both have the same selling point. Use your music. I just find that Beat Hazard uses my music in a more exciting way, even with the slower songs I find myself not getting easily bored. 
There was meant to be more to this but I'm in a rush cause I just saw the time. I'll finish this!

That wonderful white paperweight...

In something that has shocked even me, I've started using my PSP a lot more lately. Some games I've found good, some bad and some just too hard.

These are the games that have been occupying my time.

Untold Legends : Brotherhood of the Blade

 It's like Diablo. Just for PSP.
I know, I know, I know, I know. It's an old arse game and was a launch title (to my knowledge) but, I've had it sitting there for a long arse time and I thought I would pick it up and actually play it. 
It made me think of one thing *click* *click* *click* *click*. A game which involved killing demons, who dropped loot and gold and attaching gems to weap-. Holy shit call Blizzard (Blizzard-Activision? Or is it Activision-Blizzard. I don't know or care) cause I'm sure they have a case here. Choose your class. Go out there and hack and slash your way through a kinda bland world with some bland enemies.  
On the plus side, it kinda looks good still (considering it's age) and has generic hack-n-slash sounds, clink, clank, monster groan.  
The story is pretty shit though and Makes me feel like there is no point in playing it. 

Patapon 2

I played the first one. It wasn't a bad little RTS/Rhythm bastard child and I played it for a very time.  
The premise was simple, tap some buttons in time with music. That is a a lot harder then it sounds, going from March, to Attack, to Defend is a pain in the arse, especially in Boss battles where is seem Defend does nothing. But in short, I loved the first one. 
The second one I pretty much have to love aswell, but don't. It's the same thing. Their is now a Hero Unit which will do some epic damage to the enemies and some other new unit types but, it just feels more like an expansion pack then a true sequel. All the button combinations are the same (Which I spose is meant to be a good thing for older players) but the problem is, if you've played the first, you can't skip the god damn tutorials. I hate unskippable tutorials with a passion and in a game like this they seem redundant.  
Storywise it isn't all that strong either with you just trying to get the Patapon to bend over and dominate everyone who isn't them.  
it's the first one with the added feature of new units. You haven't missed much if you didn't pick this one up, but if you haven't played the first then maybe pick this one up and scratch out the 2 on the box. You wouldn't know the difference. 

Cave Story (Homebrew)

 Mmm.... Plain.
I know this is a PC game. I know it is. I know its an awesome PC game. So I'll keep it short and sweet. 
It's Cave Story. I can play it on a bus. It's the bullshit sickness. 

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?  

 Hardest. Game. Ever  
This game is impossibly hard and kicks you in the balls. 
I was after a nice quirky little Japanese title and came across this. I wish I hadn't found it, I don't know if I suck at it or if its unbeatable but the third stage just knocks me on my arse. It pokes fun at the JRPG market which makes me laugh (they're all the same game you fuckwits and haven't evolved in 20 years), but thats about all the enjoyment I get out of it.  
I sit there and voluntarily do the tutorials and it doesn't make a lick of difference. Wikipedia says it's a pain in the arse so, that makes me feel a little better. But anywho, it has an eight bitty feel to it which suits the game I think and is very pretty. The sounds I don't really care about cause the majority of the time I play with the game on mute. It's hard enough without concentrating on sounds. 
The sweetest thing about this game it the god damn name. 
I've played a few other games aswell and am about to try out  my first PixelJunk game and have high hopes. 
Also, anyone know any good 2D platformers for a PSP without resorting to Emulation or Mega Man Powered Up or Maverick Hunter X?

Some horrible news...

Last night I went out to dinner with an ex of mine and a few of our friends, on the car ride there she looks into my eyes and tells me that my eyes are really blue today.

My heart swells and my insides feel like a mixture of happiness and love.

She then tells me all about her trip to Dubai and how awesome it was. 

But THEN. THEN. She tells me something.

"I've met the guy I'm marrying. He's some geeky guy in Dubai who is into computers and is an accountant."

Out of the motherfucking blue, it feels like someone has punched me in the stomach and kicked me while I was down. 

We've been broken up a long time but, I'm here to tell you GB Community, casual sex can fuck up a mans friendship and his heart. I'm not over her. I never was. When she came round we'd spend the day laying in my bed, cuddling, kissing, watching bad television. All the finer things in life.

After dinner we went into an arcade. We were walking around and talking and I said something stupid (as per usual) so she slapped my arse, I slapped hers back laughing and she turns around. She tells me that we can't do this thing anymore. The way she said it she almost sounded sad. I hugged her and wanted to cry. She then tells me I will have to get over her. She said yes to this man in Dubai and I just feel like dying. 

In my whole life I've never had a night more depressing then this. 


Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day GB Community!  
For those in the unknown Australia Day celebrates when the english came and gave us a place to stay and shit. 
So, Happy Aus Day!


ANOTHER Website?

What. The. Fuck. Giant Bomb community. 
What. the. fucking. fuck. 
I am getting a little bit annoyed at one small thing while lurking the forums. 
Every motherfucker here seems to think it is now fucking trendy to make there own bloody gaming blog! And then they using all the originality the brain can muster decide to ask the community to name the piece of shit that will probably go down hill. If it is one thing that annoys me it is really amateur websites made through blogger.com. I don't know about the rest of you but, it is getting on my nerves to see just pointless advertising on this website. 
I'm sorry, I had to get it off my chest.  
One other small question, is it me or is the troll population fucking escalating at an abnormal rate?!

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