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I wanna say no, it does not include standard diablo 3.

Edit: I'm 99% sure the expansion doesn't include the base game; Blizz is still selling the digital base version of Diablo 3 on their online store. If you buy the expansion, you will need to also buy standard D3.

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prolly guilty gear

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@drx25 said:

Pretty sure the second GIF was the kickoff to a storyline where Muta impregnated that lady with his mist and she would later give birth to a giant egg that hatched a wrestler.

As someone who has never watched wrestling..... what?

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Man, Jeff goes on vacation and everything goes fucking insane.

Right?! He's gonna be pissed when he comes back and sees this shitshow!

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I would have to say Persona 4

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4 suffered from taking itself too seriously. Not as big of an issue in gta 5

I really didnt like 4 for that reason.

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I can't believe only one other person has mentioned new leaf, that is a game that has an endless amount of content.

And fire emblem is crazy good, it is one of the few games that I wanted to start over right after beating it.

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guys, this is from five years ago.

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I just cannot sign off on this. Japan found a way to jam magic into that 64 cart..... magic!