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I barely play games any more

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I don't like ocarina of time

finally, it's out there.

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I know you said pokemon, but I just wanna throw pokemon out there again. Pokemon is really good.

1) If he doesn't have a wiiU Mario Kart is really good.

2) The 3ds Zelda is awesome, very much worth having.

3) Almost everyone I know who has a 3ds has Animal crossing, it's a really good game. However I donno if it's cool enough for a 13 year old. I know I probably wouldn't have played it when I was 13. Same goes for tomadachi life.

4) Theatrhythm, but only if he already likes final fantasy. That game wouldn't be nearly as fun if you didn't know the songs going in.

Other than that the games you mentioned make up a solid library

Ps. pair it with 6 -10 games?! That's insane, you're insane.... insanely awesome, but seriously seek help.

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Sorry mate but I'm pretty sure threads are only supposed to be in english

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@capum15: oops, well I guess you really did want it! have fun.

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So I ended up with two of these things, so here you go!

I only ask that if you take the code it is because you actually want to play the demo and not to just see if you can type it in first :P

A060CKA4508C05XJU (note that those are zeros not O's)

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Grinding doomtrain and toneberry would be booooooring, but that's just one mans opinion.

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@luck702 said:

@techhits said:

I do not believe letting the victims deal with these problems alone will lead to a solution. If change is to occur, the actions of these people must be denounced to show that we as a community do not agree with what they are doing.

Do you honestly think 99% of us saying in unison that this thing is wrong will stop the 1% from doing what they're doing?

F*** no. They do it because they know they can control people with it and know they'll never go to jail. Beyond that, they truly do not care what we think. You're naive to think otherwise.

If this person just wanted to scare and control people then why would s/he go out of their way to target such a specific group. If they didn't care what other people thought, why would they be taking a political stance. If their only goal was to get people riled up without getting caught, then why provide so many self identifying details.

This person is putting themselves at risk because they believe that society would be better off without a feminist view. They think that their extreme actions will silence a outspoken opposition, and s/he probably believes they are being heroic for doing so.

and yes, I do believe by showing support for the victims you are dissuading people from further extreme action.

You do not have to agree with me, and I certainly will not resort to name calling to try and shame you into agreeing. However I do not believe that people do bad things just because they can get away with it, I do believe there is always a motivation.

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@steadying said:

Are we sure this isn't concept art of some weird futuristic Zelda game?

A Link to the Future coming soon.

shit that's clever

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@thisiseric said:

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@sleepydoughnut said:

I've been saying this multiple times, but reporting this is only keeping the ball rolling. All the anonymous assholes want is attention and perceived power. Report about it and you give them both. Don't report about it and you take it away from them.

This guy wasn't going to do anything. Who tells people they're going to bomb a school before they do it? This guy realized that a guy on twitter could make someone leave their house and then he realized he could change real life just by issuing a threatening letter, so he did.

This is not someone who is trolling people on a message board. Ignoring the threats does not mean this person will get bored and go do something else. These are real threats on someones life, and should be treated like real threats.

If these threats had been about an issue other than feminism would you take them more seriously? If it had been a result of: race, gun control, immigrant rights, or worker rights, would you be more inclined to believe that this person would turn to violence? Attacks like these are not unprecedented, so I'm not sure why you seem to think that anyone would be incapable of carrying out an attack like the one described.

He or she isn't saying you should ignore them, but rather not plaster them in the headlines. It is very possible that more ill people out there will see these and decided to follow suit. There isn't any downside to not letting the world know, rather only the police.

I do not believe letting the victims deal with these problems alone will lead to a solution. If change is to occur, the actions of these people must be denounced to show that we as a community do not agree with what they are doing.