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Alien Isolation and the classic sci-fi theme constantly reminds me of Routine, good to see its still making progress and hasn't completely fallen off the radar.

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Alright, so I just spent about an hour or so trading wins on the "Criminal Record" race (totalled about 40? 45?) with some patient soul and ended up getting those upgrades that were gated by WIN X AMOUNT OF TIMES and everything unlocks. Categories don't mean anything.

Some upgrades are gated by your player level, however.

so that's how you've raced ahead on the crew leaderboards for races ;)

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In my opinion, you're underestimating how incredibly fickle the internet hivemind can be...an e3 presentation with nothing but games (what else is there going to be, that was the point of the reveal presentation), with some really solid exclusive new (or old, Rare anyone?) IPs, some good game play and a reasonable price point will have the online community singing their praises....

...But...thats only providing they sort out this incredible used game marketing catastrophe in a way that benefits us/doesn't change from the current way.

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-Cover picture looks low quality and just pasted together, a poor Photoshop attempt.

-Whoever pasted on that 3 at the end of dead rising forgot to change the 2 in the ground reflection to a 3 as well...

-Music has been pointed out in one of the video comments to be an already released song ('Need a help Franky').

-Does any of that music really feel like it would fit in anything other than the trailer for a game?

I'll give this fake leak attempt a 2/10 for effort...