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7 and a half hours.

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@AjayRaz said:

this is so beautiful i cannot even begin to comprehend

So is the way of the Earl.

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Part 1: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/tehfedro/our-name-is-earl-stairway-to-earl/30-67078/

When the soldiers began it walked along, many big things. What was there to behold? Nothing of the caliber they could foresee. The 5th division had changed. The fifth division no longer was a place of peace and friendship, but a wasteland of no changes. But who shall delay the inevitable? Meet Earl, his name is Earl, our name is Earl. Walking across the desert was bleak, until the sun rose. It turned red, as it were, but the helicopter did not arrive. Being Earl is hard, especially when our name is Earl. Shall he or the cacti survive? Or will the harsh land of the Earl desert consume the souls of the damned? Time shall be the master of that logic.


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Wing Commander for the SNES, I can't get past the first mission. Hell if I ever will, although the game is fun.

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G but I edit it for myself to be 'I play games that I like, I like games.' I'm tired so that was a hilarious thought.

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I have. It was some weird thing my friends told me to try where I had to like breathe or something and after all that I had to blow on my thumb (something like that). Passed out for just a few seconds as was the intended result. Other than that though, nope.

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No problem with it really, I change mine randomly so it doesn't really matter. But just so I have an excuse, I would blow up the ocean. For the 15th time.

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