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I get thumb cramps when I play my PS3. Bad cramps.. feels like my left thumb is going to dislocate if I have a long session haha. The joystick placement really bothers me. I much prefer my 360 controller. I wish I could use my 360 controller on my PS3.

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I didn't go on a journey, because hundreds of other went before me and tested the waters, so when I walked out my door to the wide world of gaming headset I just went Astro to buy some A40s.

That's it. The advice was clear and the reasons were many. If you go over the facts and remember you buying a gaming rig headset (not Beats by Dr Dre for music) the answer is clear - ASTRO.

The equipment is about as rock solid as you will ever find (Are there defects? Sure, not every headset off the factor floor is perfect...such is life. So, shut up about you third cousin's sister-in-law who got a bad Astro...its not relevant). The Astros works with PS3 and PC out of the box with no fuss...there is a tiny fuss with XB360 because Microsoft was dumb. On the bright side you get 99% of what you need for typical setups in the nice, neat well made box, so there are no worries.

They are $300. That is either make or break for some people, but on the other hand when people ASK what they should buy they know the answer will be painful. If you're the type of person to ask, "What should I get that's good" and the answer is a $300 headset then that is the answer of what is good. In mind Astros are investment, they will last for years and you WILL be able to use then on XB720 and PS4 and you next gaming PC. So, you can view a mix-amp & headset from Astro as an investment that will pay off for years of gaming to come.

The actual Astro headset is not that great though. It's good, but it's outclassed by other headphones. The mixamp is the star of the package. Combine that with a superior set of audiophile headphones and clip-on mic for the same price as the A40+mixamp combo and you'll have a great gaming setup and great headphones for music. Astro A40s w/ mixamp is the easiest route probably since you can just order one package and not have to think about anything else but if you're spending that much you might as well get the best sound possible!

Great link for deciding what to buy if you want top quality.

Back to the original question lol. I'd probably get the A30s over the Sony headset. Having the mixamp will give you a ton of wiggle room for the future should you decide to get different headphones.

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"because when I tell people I'm a designer, I without fail get "Really? You don't look like you play games. Guys must love you."

Meh, that's probably more of a gamer stereotype than it is a sexist remark. People who play games have be dorks who never leave moms basement, right?

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@Castermhief117 said:

Those three are the typical console headsets and brands that you'd find.

I don't recommend any of them fully, but I wanted to show you what to look for in gaming headsets and features.

Here is the set up that I use - it's much more expensive than these headsets but it can be modified to fit your budget. Instead of using a gaming headset, I use an audiophile music headset for everything.

I use the Sennheiser HD-600 ($400) with a Fiio E9 ($100) amp to boost the volume from the Astro Mixamp ($130). If I'm gaming online, I use an external boom mic to talk. This set up fits my needs in every way, if I want to listen to music, I pair the HD-600 with the FiiO E9 amp and connect it to my iPhone/PC. If I want to play games, I connect the two to my Astro Mixamp (which is connected to the Xbox/PS3/PC via optical).

I get the same surround sound that professional gamers get but also high fidelity audio when I want to. This set up has been perfect for me for about a year now, but I still use the Turtle Beaches, Astros, and Trittons for gaming occasionally.

Here's what I recommend to you:

1. Buy an amp that has Dolby Headphone technology, perhaps this one:


The DSS/Amp will connect to your computer/PS3/Xbox 360 via optical and USB.

Buying an amp like this will let you experience virtual surround sound and immerse your more into games.

2. Then buy a musical pair of headphones that you like and plug them into the amp when you want to game and into your computer/ipod when you want to chill out and listen to music. A common headphone that I recommend is the Sony XB500. It has extremely low and impacting bass and clear highs - although the midrange is somewhat recessed (but still great). It's optimal for genres like hip hop, rap, electronic, modern rock, etc. For everything else, it's only "good" for. You can audition these headphones at any Best Buy retailer next to the overpriced Beats and Bose. They're certainly the most best headphones for 60-80 dollars.

Other notes about the XB-500s:

- By far the most comfortable headphones I've owned, the two pads are so thick that they are almost like pillows

- Because of this, they may get warm on your ears after prolonged use.

- The cord is short, you may need a 3.5mm extension cord.

- They look really cool and the build quality is decent

I hope this write up has helped youor anyone else who may be reading. If you're interested, let me know what your musical preferences are so I may recommend other headphones beside the XB-500. Good luck!

Basically the perfect setup.

I'd recommend headphones with a good soundstage and low bass for online shooters where you need to pinpoint footsteps and such over something like those XB-500s though. For atmospheric single player games I'm sure it'd be fine (probably even ideal), but something like the Audio Technica ATH-AD700s would be better for online shooters because of the massive soundstage and low bass.

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I did not like it myself. The story in general was not all that great to be honest. I love the game, but thought the story was only passable.

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@Mmmslash said:
" @terrible:  You're missing the point. It's not that John COULDN'T overcome what was outside that barn, it's that there was no point. They would hunt him and his family for the rest of time, and it'd be his fault. He spent the later half of his life trying to make up for the things he had done, to try to be the better man, to try to be a good father and a good husband, but it'd be all for naught if his family spent the rest of their lives on the run, living no kind of life at all. "
I am sure that is what was intended, but the game set you up in such a way that I just did not find that believable. That's my biggest problem with it. He could've went to Mexico or done something else. A game like Mafia pulled off an ending similar to this one beautifully. The setup to the end was believable and not forced like in RDR. That's obviously just my opinion on it though.
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I wasn't a fan of the ending to be honest. You go through the entire game destroying everything in your path, only to die at the end in a situation where there's no reason to believe John would die. Also, you could see it coming from a mile away. The slow final missions were a clear setup towards a tragedy. The ending was the only thing I didn't like about the game.