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yeah I recognized the "unfinished gameplay" footage from the IGN interview not too long ago and the trailer just kinda sucked as a trailer so it ended up feeling amateurish. I am still getting the game anyway. not just because its a walking dead game.... but because it is a first person survival game as opposed to a first person shooter.... from what was said in the interview (in my own words) "play it like a FPshooter you die alot." thats what I want

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peacewalker was pulled do to the fact that Microsoft didn' got a fataly flawed version of the game that is missing some parts to it, got LOTS of complaints about it, etc.etc. and sont worry if you already bought it you will be able to download it at no extra charge...since hey its the same exact game after all.

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just FINALLY got the first game and love yeah imexcited

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I'm indifferent about this, i mean human element is unknown so i don't know if it'll be any good (but i will try it). and its already getting an OUYA (another unknown...that i will still try) exclusive sequel (double unknown?).... so I don't exactly know how i am supposed to feel about this article :P

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Max Payne 3

Fallout 3

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

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can't wait lol

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still think they should have built this in to the 3dsxl.... but hey now i have a reason to get it other than the bigger screen.... until now the only reason i didnt want to get it was the lack of circle pad

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As someone that played Twin Snakes before the original version, I don't see how the original is better.

The aforementioned silly, out of place cutscenes surely didn't help, and while they weren't bad, I couldn't help but dislike the new voice actors to some degree. The latter was likely more a nostalgia thing though. But far worse than that was that first-person shooting in a game not designed with it in mind ruined the game. From what I recall of the Vulcan Raven fight, you could just go outside his cone of vision, jump into first-person mode, and pop shots into his head from afar. This isn't how the fight was designed to be fought and this kind of thing, I thought, made Twin Snakes awfully broken.

i agree even though i love twin snakes. it felt so .....easy (?) even on the hardest setting

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i have heard it runs and plays pretty good for an ios game. and still havent heard of anyproblems... might be worth lookin into if you have an ios device

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have the same exact problem but if you no cd the game and you already own it its not illegal... havent done it yet though