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Hooray for reviewers killing original games with unique gameplay elements. Give me an Alpha Protocol; unique yet buggy experience, over a Mass Effect; overly produced, uninspired experience, any day of the week!

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Sorry dude, your rich heiress is not in this castle.

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No, I think modern JRPGs should be like Vandal Hearts 1. We need moar SRPG games. 
PS: Mmmmm End of Eternity.

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I question their use of a really long explosive trigger.

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Word to the wise; producing is not the same as directing. Square is just throwing money at Deus Ex 3. GIven the production values of FF13 (VALUES PEOPLE), I'm totally fine with that.

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Where all the volus womens at?

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The lack of a RAWKET LAWNCHAIR joke in this game shows that these people have no idea what they're doing when it comes to video game satire.
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@damswedon said:
"i think the quick look shows that this game should of died of a long time ago. also the soul stuff is realy retarded. "

Far from it. The Giant Bomb crew, in the quick look, are only at the very beginning of the game. Once one spends more time with the game, the mechanics became far more responsive. I started out with the hardest class to use; Barbarian. Had absolutely no armour and every boss would just skewer me in one shot. Incorporated basic dodge mechanics and messing around with alot of other things and found the game to be very easy. I mean, the best strategy one can use is actually to *not* lock on to enemies. Free running makes it incredibly easy to dodge everything coming at you. Now, at level 52 with the sword from Silent Hill 2, I can cleave off a quarter of a boss's health in one wide swing.  Losing your souls isn't all that big of a deal later on in the game. One may gain about 100K souls in a few minutes. I rarely run back to retrieve my souls anymore, or atleast don't make it a priority.
I'm glad to see Demon's Souls returning to form. I've hated this gradual shift in games towards casual mechanics which would give you a pat on the butt whenever you jumped head first in a group pile of enemies. The game requires pacing, intelligence, and the ability to adapt to your environment.
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What? I would havel oved this had they gone through with it. I mean, what we've seen of the game so far is relatively tame. A spalunking adventure through demonic tail would be great fun.

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What PC is there to cover. I mean honestly, do you think Laegue of Legends, Zeno Clash, and all these other indie games are going to push headlines? There are plenty of great PC titles to go around, there just aren't a lot of centralized demand for that kind of coverage.