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It's about damn time. Maybe I'll pick it up again and finish a storyline or two.

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Impressions Games made a few gems.

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Happy Birthday!

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@CenturionCajun said:

I tend to prefer pretty hardcore grand strategy games. So, I would have to say Europa Universallis, Victoria, and Hearts of Iron.

A lot of fun to be had in any of the Paradox titles for sure. Europa at its heart isn't that difficult to play and I honestly had no trouble jumping into it having never touched any of their other titles. Just don't go near Hearts of Iron straight away.
Also, Galactic Civilizations 2 is pretty fun.
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Seems like blowing up a minor thing to me. I don't really understand what's wrong with his comment at all...I'd probably be a bit bummed if someone stole my announcement oomph as well.

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Human Head and Raven Software are both located in my city.

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I enjoyed it thoroughly. It has its quirks and shortcomings and probably won't appease most folks but there are worse options out there.

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I'm fairly happy with this username so I probably wouldn't change it for anything else at this stage.

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I think your moral outrage is slightly misplaced.

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The  Europa Universalis 3 soundtrack is probably my top favorite. Andreas Waldetoft does some solid stuff.