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I'm getting an Xbox One when Titan Fall comes out and a PS4 when Metal Gear comes out.

Until then I'll be playing games mostly on my PC and some on 360, maybe a downloadable game or two on PS3.

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They haven't done an Ask me anything video in awhile.

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Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

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I enjoyed EA more then Microsoft.

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I've been listening to Jeff drive to LA for almost 3 hours now on mixlr. Great start to E3. And there's still about another 3 hours until LA.

Listen to Jeff

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Greatest ending of a video ever! hahaha
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A Giant Bomb classic that should be watched every once in a while.
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Lets just hope a mo-cap actor doesnt fall 30ft and delay the game. ;)
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I cant wait for Max Payne 3. Well I have for years now. I just hope they dont screw it up. Of course all of my hopes and ideas for this game wont be anything close to the final game. thats just how it is with games that i've waited for as long or longer than this game. Alan Wake was well worth the wait, so I have confindence that Remedy will make another great Max Payne.