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In TF2 the medic has a pretty useful needle gun that a good medic would know that you can help the battle a little bit, it's not just about focusing on one person all the time, actually that's not normally how you should play a medic. Like the off topic forum it's there to supplement the video game talk, just talking about video games all the time gets tedious at some point. Were all interesting people with other interests and it's good to share them with  people. Video games just happen to be something we all have in common, It's a gateway for us to enjoy different discussions and to meet new people.

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I guess it was Final Fantasy 7.

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Just kidding, but yeah that's pretty cool.

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Haha that's great

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I dunno, I think it's cool n' stuff.

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I don't know, the single player is actually not half bad. Also, it's more Halo and at the point I'm at right now I'm not complaining about that. The multiplayer disc is a nice bonus aswell since I never bought the new maps and I've been wanting to play Halo online for a while now. For someone who already played Halo 3 a lot and have the new maps and such the single player length might feel over priced since it's fairly short.

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I would say that the single player games of both games are close to similar length, batman being the slightly longer game. If you want a longer single player game for your time Batman but if you don't have Halo 3 and it's extra maps yet then the multiplayer disc that comes with ODST will take up a lot of your time. Quality wise I'm not sure how to articulate myself there, but I hope the little info I gave you will help.

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@Mordukai said:
" My ninth grade physics teacher was on trial for manslaughter.  "
Alright fuck this thread it's done, you win.
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Okay, so I want to actually write something with my post but it wont let me for some reason so here it is. On the topic of getting a female mod, isn't it inherently sexist to hire a female mod because she is female? And, I wasn't there to see the sexist abuse thread, but to be honest isn't it just a mods job to deal with verbal abuse, regardless of gender? If someone is being abused then it doesn't really matter what gender you are.

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