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@zombiepie It's really interesting to come back after 4-5 years and see this thing still running. The community thread (Fun fact: It was called "The Community is Still a Threat" all the way back then) was birthed by a dumb conversation of three kids -- we didn't really think it'd have this kind of lasting power. Sort of life-affirming to see it still going. Good on you. You have a million times more dedication than we ever did.

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I collect toys. Yeah. 

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Dale North is a BIG Atlus fan--actually most of Dtoid is, so this score isn't necessarily surprising. Also, why is it so crazy that Persona 3 is getting a good score? It's not like it's a BAD game. 

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Hey, he made the joke about his weight implying that, to some extent, he was alright with joking about it. He sent out the signal and acted like a dick when you acted the way he implied you could. Yeah, he over reacted. 

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" @tokyochicken: Thanks for finding and linking that for me. =D Unfortunately I don't think my ps3 slim has backwards compatibility, so am I sol? "
If you REALLY want to play the games you can pick up a PS2 if you don't already have one. They're around $80 or so and you can find them everywhere. If you don't have the cash you'll have to do with MGS1 on the PSN and MGS4 for now.
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Yes there is actually: Metal Gear Solid Essentials Collection for the PS2. It has MGS 1-3 compiled in the entire pack so it covers, mostly, all of your basis. It may not work on your slim since it doesn't have the backwards compatibility, but if you have a PS2 laying around you'll be fine.

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I'm pretty sure in one of them is a deep-seeded urge/desire to be an Idol. One of them.

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Uh, wow, this is a hard question. I'm not sure how to answer this without sounding a little cheesy. But, I guess Adam Sessler, I respect him to some degree. A part of it is just the amount of experience he's had in the industry, in more mediums than just T.V.--he's a fantastic writer as well. I find his story interesting too; coming from being a banker who did a thing in public access who randomly landed a gig at Tech TV to editor-in-chief at G4, kind of a cool story.  
Oh, yeah, and Tim Rogers. Well, I don't as much respect as I am fascinated by him. To this date I've read nearly every one of his articles and still am intrigued by what goes on in that guy's mind. He is completely silly string.

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I hear Splinter Cell is only, like, 6 hours or so. Might as well knock off the shortest game first to get it out of the way, I suppose. 

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" @tokyochicken: Mirror's Edge it is, then! I'm surprised at all the hate for the game. Personally, I think it's great. 
@crusader8463: You think so? I'll consider it, then. "
Really, the main issue I had with the game was its inability to keep a steady momentum.  Flow is key for a game based around the concept of free-running/Parkour, and Mirror's Edge would break that up a lot. I admit it's not easy to control all of the factors that would impede this, but I got incredibly frustrated every time I died and the game would reset me all the way back to the start of my original course. It ruined all sense of speed. But it's still pretty good when it works.  
Also they force you into combat a lot--yeah that's not really fun.