Madden 13 Career Update 1

Well I did follow through and play madden career....after playing 1 game with my Qb and throwing 5 interceptions. I decided to lower the difficulty and start a new career at a different position. I started a RB on the Denver Broncos, and I am having a much better time with the game. I was able to play four games of the season and had close to if not over 100 yards rushing in each game, and in one game vs the raiders I caught two touchdown passes both were over 70 yards each. I am frustrated with the AI as they do the dumbest shit. As a QB the receivers would drop wide open passes, and as a RB now my AI controlled QB will make the stupidest throws. I was playing my qb career on all-pro and I was getting intercepted every other pass, and while playing as a qb on Pro (the next lowest difficulty) i completed pretty much every pass. There is no middle ground with the difficulty at all and that sucks. Career is not the strong point of this game although it is still fun to play, and it passes down time you have really well as it is a long ass mode. After work tonight ill try to play another few games tomorrow morning!


Bored AT Work Blogging Again?

Thinking about doing game progress update blogs as I have more free time working overnight shifts now. I work 4 days in a row and then I get 4 days off which is nice, but its hard to adjust to any kind of normal sleep pattern on off days. I find myself sleeping in mostly 4-5 hour blocks nowadays. I am gonna try and stick to one game this week. I usually play for an hour or two on my work days, and a lot more on off days. Working the next 3 days. I have chosen Madden 13 as this weeks game, particularly the career mode. I am on my second season as a Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers I believe (haven't played in a little while). My goal was to get some of the career achievements by having players at different positions, but they are way to grindy and long so I have no idea if I will get any. Ive sunk alot of hours into madden so far in the online and ultimate team modes (about 120 hrs in total). Its a fun game, and I havent owned one since 2010. I always love playing ultimate team modes in any sports games, mostly fifa.

QB Career Season 1: 6-10 record (missed playoffs).....4,202 passing yards......332 rush yards.....25 pass td's (5 rush td's)......42 interceptions......need to get my int's way down for next season. If I can do that we should make the playoffs, and also to not my qb can run I built him sorta like Cam Newton.

Career progression is pretty slow so I am hoping to get through 3-4 games a day of playing this week. Peace.


Tuesday Aug 21 Update

Downloaded a few things today including Madden 13 Demo, Counter Strike GO, and Dust 514. Madden 13 demo was pretty good. The game plays really smooth and I had fun with it. I have the game preordered, and I havent gotten a madden game since 2010. Needless to say I am looking forward to it and looking forward to the new career mode and ultimate team. I bought counter strike go on the ps3. It's installing now and I will spend some time with it tonight. I have never played CS before and this will be my first time. Dust 514 is an MMO FPS that is free to play. Not sure if this is just the beta or the full game, but I am looking forward to it non the less. I think its exclusive to PS+ right now. I have work for the next 4 days so I won't be playing too much, and after those 4 days I have a few days to make some videos for youtube possibly. Ill also try to post some impressions of these new games today. Peace.


E3 so far

the microsoft show was ok at best, modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3 both look pretty good, Battlefield looks like it will definitely give cod a run for its money this year.  The sony conference was ok at best too, the vita looks really good and im super excited for the new ps3 exclusive games like uncharted and resistance 3....Nintendo's was great the new WII U looks simply amazing!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness Impressions


Mystery dungeon explorers of darkness is what ive been playing on the Nintendo DS. In true pokemon style the other version of the game is explorers of time. The game is alright, being only an hour and a half into the game I would say it is slightly above average. The game features very bright graphics and some pretty good game music. The premis of the game is to take your team of pokemon (you are a pokemon yourself) and fullfill different jobs by completing tasks in certain dungeons. Basically it is a rouge-like dungeon crawler built in the pokemon universe. A rouge like game involves losing your items and money whenever you are killed and you then have to do that dungeon all over. These games are known for difficulty, but this game isnt too bad being that it was built for the younger generation. The gameplay is ok. The dungeons so far have been slightly different but they are largly the same thing. It is an interesting take on the pokemon universe and is not a bad game. The things I like most so far included the story (which is pretty darn good), the graphics, and the music.

Early Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (slightly above average)


Top 20 Games A review

well about 3 years have passed since I put together a rather sloppy video and list of my top 20 games of all time......the video had 10K + hits. I figured that it is now time to go back and alter my list of my favorite games of all time......and the only way to do so is to play each of the games on the list again and add some other games that ive played since that last list was made........

20) Doom-PC, various other platforms....

I decided to start here at 20 with doom. Doom is one of the most well known and played early FPS games. My fondness started back in the 90's with the game on the pc. The version I am playing now is the xbox 360 download game....and I also own the sega 32x version. God this game is so much fun.

i ripped a little video from when i streamed the game the otherday on quality is pretty crap but all gspot vids are crap. Doom will no doubt move up on my list and could break the top 10. Having a blast right now.


Mirror's Edge Impressions

The Prettiest Crap of A Game.

I really loved the mirror's edge demo.  I loved everything about it from the flow of the game to the controls to what you would be doing in the game.  The demo was the first level of the real game, and the demo is very deceiving.  When the game actually gets going after the prologue the gameplay has continually been on a downward slope from fun platforming to smash my head against a brick wall platforming.  If you are one second off or miss a jump by an inch you are promptly sent to the loading screen.  A few failures here and there are expected, but mirror's edge is over the top with them.  You will be playing fine for an hour and then get to a part that you will be stuck on for a half hour wither continuously missing a jump or trying to figure out how to get to where you need to be.  This game is the definition of trial and error, and be very cautious if you were looking to get this game.  YOU REALLY NEED ALOT OF PATIENCE.

As far as other aspects of the game goes the graphics are exceptional, the contrast between all white backgrounds and then brightly colored areas is genius.  The game is also very innovative and has basically created a new genre of first person platforming, which in future similar realese of the series or a different game fixes a lot of the problems this game has.  The story is also pretty decent, it is better than dead space, and the cutscences are in a different visual style than the rest of the game.  The story does however seem pretty thin as I am about 40% done the game already in about 2 and a half hours of playing, and there has been very little plot and character development outside some general aspects.

Overall I am enjoying the game, but it is ridiculously frustrating.  EA and Dice did a good job, but the actual gameply isnt enough to live up to how I thought this game was going to be.  Right now I give it a 6.5/10.  With a chance that the score could greatly improve, this is the lower end.  I def wouldn't buy the game. 


Beat Game Number 23 of 2008

Dead Space

All 23 Beaten

Dead Space (PS3)

Battle of The Bands-WII

Turok (360)

Guitar Hero II (360)

Guitar Hero Aerosmith (360)

Rock Band-360

Red Steel-WII

Rocket Slime (DS)

Mario and Sonic Olympics (DS)

Elite Beat Agents (DS)

Metal Gear Solid-PS1

Puzzle Quest (DS)

GTA 4 (PS3)

Avatar (360)

The Bigs (360)

Pirates Of Carribean At Worlds End (360)

UNO (360)

The Club (360)

X-Men (360)

Fight Night Rd 3 (360)

World Tour Soccer (PSP)

Rayman Raving Rabbids (WII)

Pokemon Snap (N64)


Dead Space Finished Ch 10

All right I have the weekend off from work, and I was abel to get by a few chapters, and I only have two chapters left.  Im gonna say this right now DEAD SPACE IS UN BELIEVABLY AWESOME!!! The game is just fantastic.  I honestly have gotten pretty scared from, playing in teh dark and with headphones on.  It is the scariest game I have ever played. 

Today we had our video game club meeting, and we played the Left 4 dead demo like crazy.  Litterally hundreds of fast moving zombies attacking at once.  I will prolly give this game a rent after Mirror's Edge, because it doesnt look liek there is a lot of depth to teh game.

Speaking of Mirror's Edge I have it coming from gamefly very soon.  I absolutly loved teh demo, and have high expectations for the game.  It is just a very cool concept.

Dead Space rating uped to 9.5....only reason why I am not giving it a 10 is because of the lame story, and the campaign only runs about 8-10 hours


Dead Space Update

All right I am in the middle of chapter 7...stuck on a part were i have to do something with this big asteroid.  I think everynight or two while I'm playing the game I will do a quick blog on one aspect or part of the game for tonight lets go with the navigation system in the game.

You can easily find the next objective in Dead Space bu clicking down the right stick.  Issac uses his kinesis power and marks a line to where the next objective is.  I havent seen this type of precise navigation in too many games.  With that said I am kind of mixed about how effective it is, it is too effective.  The system has taken a lot of down time out of thr game while trying to find objectives, and it makes the game too linear.  It is however very good in keeping the action of the game flowing.  I am just not a big fan of the navigation, it seems to me like dumbing the game down, but it is effective non the less.