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@treetrunk said:

What I want is, more women enemies! Example, in Batman it was awesome you could also play as Catwoman, but all the enemies in that game are men! Same with Tomb Raider, and many other games, all the enemies are men! That is not realistic imo.

In fact it is realistic. You only have to check the statistics for violent crimes and such, comparing men to women.

PS: are men getting the short end of the stick here? If something is sexist as not being equal to men and women, but it does match the statistics and is realistic in that sense, does that mean that reality is sexist?

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I wasn't looking forward into anything before reading this thread.

After reading it, I'm not looking forward into anything yet.

I guess the new generation of consoles needs one year more to get to the top quality, and PC releases are quite strongly correlated.

I still have to catch up with the games from the previous generation, though, like Mass Effect (the whole trilogy), and maybe then StarCraft II, but that will be 2016 or later.

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There seems to be a lot of LOL in this story.

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@corwag it's very useful when someone asks what kind of music do you listen. I can provide the url, but don't ask me to describe it.

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Looks like most artists at cghub went to and

The style there (in general) is very similar to cghub while different from other sites like deviantart.

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The KickStarter campaign failed, what now?

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You are right and I was wrong. Microsoft has bought some things from Dell and lent money to Dell investors.

But it didn't buy Dell, yet...

Now everything makes more sense, thank you.

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At this point in my life I'm not a gamer, I'm not overweight and I'm very very weak.

Thanks for sharing, hopefully I'll have time for gaming and exercise soon.

PhD, bad decision. Good thing is: I don't need to buy Dark Souls to try to "achieve the impossible"...

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Let me see if I got this right.

  1. Microsoft makes the primary operating system for PC gaming, Windows.
  2. Alienware makes gaming PCs, for gaming.
  3. Valve makes PC games (and some console games).
  4. Microsoft releases a games console, the XBox, creating a profitable division/sector/whatever of the company.
  5. Valve gets tired of conventional distribution and makes a distribution platform on the internet (Steam).
  6. Dell buys Alienware.
  7. Microsoft goes let's-play-monopoly and decides to add an store in their latest windows (8) and some other things that piss off Valve
  8. Valve paints half of its face in blue and starts fighting for freedom, working on a SteamOS not to depend on Windows, an OS that is open and free, etc.
  9. Valve decides to move to the living room as well, with their SteamOS and the Steam Machines, competing more directly with game consoles, like XBox.
  10. A number of companies think Steam Machines are cool enough to make prototypes and see a potential market there.
  11. Microsoft buys Dell.
  12. Alienware starts making a Steam Machine.

So, Microsoft is making a Steam Machine?

I'm a bit confused.

  • I herd you like games, will you buy my new XBox?
  • No!, I want to be free, I'm moving to PC gaming.
  • OK, I make the operating system for PCs as well, buy Windows :] (in an alienware PC!)
  • Jezz, no, I'll buy a Steam Machine, with SteamOS.
  • Oh, I make some of those too =D, wanna play some Halo?
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Thank you all for your answers.

The last games I played on DS (I think the only games) were Luminous Arc and Puzzle Quest. I was hoping for something like that. I've just seen that Puzzle Quest 2 is available, but the reviews list many problems. Magic 2014 looks fine as well.

The 2D requirement is not crucial, but I don't like how games look on 3D. Huge polygons when it should look much better with pre-rendered images. I don't understand this trend with the 3DS either... the polygons look huge and ugly, from 2D it's a change for the worse.

It's still disappointing to compare this with the DS, and I have remembered that I was not able to finish Luminous Arc because I would fall asleep in the middle of a combat, so I may as well simply forget about all games in tablets.

Thank you again for all your answers.