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@Pinworm45:  Nazi Germany has achieved a stigma worse than anything ever associated with the Japanese. It's probably because of the scale of their disregard for life and specific nature of murder: i.e. targeting Jewish people and gypsies, and in doing so killing 6M+ on top of actual war casualties inflicted.
As to why I'm offended, if a white person thinks they're better than me because I'm half white, we have a problem. The Japanese (and Germans today) don't give me the impression that's what they're thinking. We KNOW that's what neo-Nazis think.
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I've played over 40 hours so far and seen 1 swastika. I reported them. It doesn't matter if it's in the single player game — when players in multiplayer make it their emblem, it is offensive.
I live in a liberal city, though, and matchmaking seems to have at least a little bit to do with physical location. Maybe that's why I've seen less wannabe-neo-nazis?

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My Xbox almost did not survive the first 4 levels of veteran mode. I agree that it's very cheap. I like how the AI can lean around corners, blindfire without looking at you and still have 100% accuracy. Also, I REALLY enjoyed how the enemy AI ignores my friendlies who are out in the open, and instead focus on me for the split-second I pop-out of cover — it's like the enemy knows my AI teammates are indestructible so they don't even bother.

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I used Assault (and ASSault 2 even) for a class name in MW2.  Pretty stupid to have done this since you're literally the only person who ever sees the names of classes playing online. Also, what's the point of bleeping out subtitles if the voice isn't as well?

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Yea, I started the campaign on veteran, and when I got to here I nearly lost my shit. I got through that level, but it was probably the least amount of fun I've had playing video games in a long time. I'm not coming back to that for a while.

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@Mmmslash:  Activision has Sledgehammer Games already working on the next CoD FPS: http://www.sledgehammergames.com/games
I think it's funny Infinity Ward still exists when most of the talent resides elsewhere... looking forward to Respawn's title, if it ever comes!
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The zombie maps are definitely the reason W@W is one of like 5 PS3 games I haven't sold. I literally have not played another aspect of that in probably a year.
Also, when the next CoD comes out next year there probably won't be zombies since it won't be a Treyarch production — zombies'll be the main reason for people to still play Black Ops then.

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@Baillie:  Yeah, I'm serious. That is a genuinely good workaround to know about. Congrats on the 1k (G)!
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@REIGN:  Yep, my buddies and I all have the same issue. One of my friends is listed on the leaderboards as having 88,000+ kills in TDM. I apparently have 10k even though I have total like 2k kills across all playlists.
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My experience improved noticeably after I unlocked the Galil. I don't like camping very much, which invariably means I'm running and gunning. I've found the Galil to have some of the least amount of recoil when firing fully auto. Combine it with a silencer + Ghost/Ninja perks to stay invisible.