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Finally, someone out there willing to speak for us little people. Thank you, Caravella-san.

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REALLY solid article on both the situation and your personal experience. Great work, sir.

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You were and are a wonderful man, Ryan Davis. You will be missed dearly by so many people, and I wish your friends and family the absolute best.

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@marino: Oh wow, thanks, and thanks to everyone's kind words here. : )

@thethirdrlm It's from a youtube video gamespot put up from when the GB staff arrived at CBSi, and they were knocking down some walls.

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@milkman said:

You know, the song choice is extremely predictable and it is a little overly sappy but fuck, man...it got me. Good job, duder.

Yeah, I felt guilty using it since it was the safe choice, but the length of the song was enough to convince me it would be easy enough to edit around quickly.

Thanks all, for the kind words. : )

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I edited together a video to celebrate some of Patrick's best moments on camera at the GB offices, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I know it feels really sappy and probably more sad than I meant it to, but it was fun to make.

Best wishes to Patrick in Chicagoland. : )

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Wonderful read, and it's a point that I hadn't much considered in the way you looked at it. It definitely does feel as though the same handful of issues continue to arise, sink back for a time, and then pop right back up again with no further progress made one way or the other.

I'm certain perceptions will eventually change for the better, but it would definitely be better soon than later, haha.

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Thanks for reaching out for these various responses, Patrick. Anna Kipnis, thank you for your response, in particular.

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Sounds like you just read bad topics.

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Just wanted to drop in and say great work. You're killing it!

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