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 I live in San Francisco and I was getting a burger with a buddy and I SWEAR J Allard    walked in and sat down. There was no hoodie blazer, but it was the SPITTING IMAGE. Can anyone confirm? Does he live in San Francisco?

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Look, I'll say it first:
Pic or it didn't happen.

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wasn't he working at Microsoft? which is in Washington?

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I was tempted, but he would've been looking RIGHT at me. Kinda woulda felt tacky. 
Haven'tcha heard? He'd on sabbatical.
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Maybe it was Moby.

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i believe he just resigned(ish), yes?
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@Undeadpool:  If your being serious and you didn't take a picture your a weak little bastard!!!!!
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@CoheedFavorHouse: @Undeadpool: so that would mean he is in washington
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I...love the internet so damn much some days. 
If he's on sabbatical he could be anywhere.  
The point would've been moot as my phone doesn't have upload capabilities. Also: my phone's camera is garbage and it probably would've wound up looking like Michael Stipe. But that's merely an excuse, I probably should've at least tried.
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@Undeadpool: so he is in Washington
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@buzz_clik: Wtf is lavender?thats pink duder
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Are you sure it wasn't just some dude who was bald.

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If you said you saw him in Redmond at a Burger Master, I would have had a better chance in believing you.

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@Smokay: Are you colorblind sir? That is lavender. Lavender is a plant and is also a color. It's a light purplish. 
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@Undeadpool said:
" @buzz_clik:  
I...love the internet so damn much some days. "
Y'know what I love? The random crap that falls out of Vinny's mouth while they record the Bombcast. That guy's a subconscious freeflowing genius.
I also love that your post count is 666 at the time of replying.
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@W0lfbl1tzers: Look at that fish again if not then I might just be lavender blind or something
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@Smokay said:

" @W0lfbl1tzers: Look at that fish again if not then I might just be lavender blind or something "

Sure, it could have done with more cyan in it (spot the guy who works in print media) but pffft... it's close enough when compared with web lavender #B57EDC.
Also, because Wikipedia is the definitive source of everything you've ever known:

" The term lavender may also be used in general to apply to a wide range of pale, light, medium, or grayish violet colors, as well as some pale or light pinkish, magenta, or purple colors as well as some pale or light blueish-indigo colors. In paints, the color lavender is made by mixing violet and white paint. "