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I'll reiterate the greatness of Sublime Text 2. There's a bunch of videos explaining the features of the editor here.

I would avoid duplicate ids on elements in the same page. Usually, they are for marking unique sections of the site. Such as your news feed or "Hottest Stuff" list on the sidebar. For example you could have Hottest Stuff and Latest Release share a class called "box", which would have all the styles that are shared between them. And then use the ID to add styles that are unique that box alone.

.box { padding: 10px; border: 1px solid black; // more shared styles }

.box a { font-weight: bold; // more shared styles } { color: red; // more unique styles } { color: green; // more unique styles }

So if you ever wanted to add another box in the sidebar you could just give it the box class and it will look like the others except the unique styles that were given via the ids.

Also the border-radius styles you have on #main. You could shorten that to just "border-radius: 5px;". Don't think you need the experimentals ( -webkit, -moz, etc ) either. I believe all updated modern browsers fully support it now.

Keep it up.

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Go to your achievements page. Click on "Manage Accounts" on the top left corner of the page, then click "Refresh" on the pop up that comes up. That worked for me.

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The song I probably hummed/whistled the most:

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Twitter got rid of their old api urls about two weeks ago. That's probably what broke the syncing part.

Kinda glad that it stop working. The activity feed of the users I'm following get's a lot easier to read when it's isn't filled with tweets that I've seen on twitter already.

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  • Ultima Online
  • Harvest Moon 64
  • Wurm Online
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  • Dark Souls
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Journey
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The way the legs on the Mantis looks and moves seems out of place in the universe. I usually think of cheap, bulky and built to last when it comes to the UNSC's arsenal.

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Added my name to the sheet also. Forgot to post about it here until now.

I'm level 18 and still in the first zone. I'm being to much of a completionist!

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Five hours left on Portal 2.

Seems like I screwed up the length of it; should have been the same as Saint's Row.

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More to give!