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I really have enjoyed the 40 hours of dabbling I've done with it. My gaming time is when hanging out with my 3 year old daughter so light handheld gaming like this is great for that. I hope sales have been good for it. It's quite prominent on the 3DS eShop front page.

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$73.777 million

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Man, my father died in April and so Jenn Frank's article really hit me. It's so...I don't know. Her talking about how selfish she felt when showing her works to her mom is so real. Regret.

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Rumor says it's going to be episodic with a $3-$4 price point per episode. I'll definitely try out the first episode, and see how much it interests me.

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This has been the norm for too long but it is sad that it has continued into the digital age. That's great that the Austalian government is looking into it. I hope some change happens to fix it.

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I hid from this thread, because I lost my father back in April. He was 52. It isn't fun to lose time so suddenly and with so much more you wish you could have said and done with them. I feel your pain.

Point is, you're entertaining, Patrick. Keep up the good work.