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I went to Twitch today to watch some streams. I've found that a lot of streams have such a heavy emphasis on benefits for those donated. Now I'm going to bring up a touchy subject here: women that are streaming on Twitch. I found one girl who was streaming WoW and the camera focused on her took up the majority of the screen, with the actual gameplay in the corner as a tiny square. Also on the screen was some rolling text for top donator of the week, etc. etc. Listed below that was top donator of all time which was nearly $2,000. Who would donate $2,000 to someone who isn't actually playing a game on a website about streaming games?

There are legitimate streamers (regardless of gender) and they'll continue to do great things. I know Twitch doesn't have the best community, but will there actually be efforts to prevent it from becoming a cash grab if the issue becomes more prominent? Cosmo, for example, deserves all the money he gets. He streams often and devotes a lot of time to it. In comparison these other people that I mentioned make it seem so dirty.

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Yeah guys, I'm only like 25% in so I didn't get to any cauterizing part. Seems like after getting impaled in the abdomen you'd need immediate medical attention though. I'm not some skinny and athletic girl but I am a mildly strong male and I surely wouldn't be able to do half the platforming, much less killing hundreds of men, without a wound much less with one.

Cause it's a game.

A fair assesment if the game hadn't tried to impose such a "realistic" angle to everything it does. Games should be consistent in the way they address all of this. They could have simply just let her fall onto the ground without hitting a spike. It wouldn't have changed the game drastically and would clear up some minor issues. All that being said it the game is still fun I'm just confused as to why they chose to include this, forget about it, then magically address it.

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Started playing this yesterday. Initially she falls onto a giant spike, pulls it out, and never addresses treatment of the wound; however, when she comes across that one dude who had his leg chomped on by wolves she starts freaking out about taking care of it.

Why does this game make no sense?

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Sounds dumb.

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Wii U blows. Was this supposed to be a surprise or something? Defenders of Nintendo products must be living several decades in the past.

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Maybe more DotA coverage in video form but less discussion on the Bombcast. Primarily because he tries to come off as more insightful than he actually is. I'll get on DotA and go watch a replay of a game he's been in, but I've pretty much heard he just blows at the game.

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From 2008 to now, Brad has always lost every discussion he's ever brought up an opposing point in. It's hilarious. But yeah going back and listening to the 2008 and 2009 podcasts they had a certain excitement in their voices during the Bombcast and video content. It's like night and day.

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I love Daft Punk but this album is just horrible. Really pains me to say that because I was incredibly excited for this release.

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It was a bad movie.