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So I recently came to think of this again when I saw a mention of a game not being released outside its own country for unnamed reasons...I would imagine this has a lot to do with localization. Whether it's a German adventure game, Japanese RPG or any other type of game the rest of us who live outside those borders won't experience, I think it's a shame.

With movies you most often get the option to see a movie in the original language but with subtitles in your own. I have yet to see this in games, why is that not an option for us? I would love to play a Japanese game with Japanese VO and English subtitles. That has to cut costs a lot and make localization easier. Maybe even open up the ability to make crowd sourced subtitles, let the local fans translate your game.

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1). Then I see no point in responding to you any further.

Note: You can't separate a person from their religious beliefs any more than you can separate them from their sexuality.

Religion is a choice, sexuality you are born with.

Just because it's a choice doesn't make it less a part of who you are. There is a reason Catholic priests and nuns decide to abstain from sex, and devote their lives to God. One could make the argument that choices like these are much more of "who we are" than aspects of our lives that are out of our control. If someone is left handed, bi-sexual, and devotes their life to helping those in need, which of those three things do you think is the most defining aspect of their character?

I have chosen to become an interaction designer. I have studied to become one for a long time and now I work as one. It pretty much defines who I am at the moment, yet it was a choice and I can choose not to be one at any time. How much something defines you as a person has nothing to do with the choice aspect of it. You are born left-handed and bi-sexual, you choose to follow a religion. You might be born into a family that follows a religion, but many have chosen to go down another path. Helping others is also a choice (and not an exclusive christian trait).

If you are a christian, do you immediately have to stone all adulterers? No, because you choose to ignore that because it doesn't fit in modern society. If you see someone working on a Sunday, do you take the nearest blunt object and batter them to death? Once again, you choose not to follow that particular little religious quirk.

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For some reason I get more nauseous in the morning

I'm the same way. I can't eat anything or do a non-trivial amount of strenuous activity within an hour or so of waking up or I feel ill all day.

Yeah same, really. I try to wake up before I need to, but I generally just sleep longer instead.

Yeah, me too. Makes it terrible because I then am fucking starving halfway through my first class.

Well holy shit. Here I thought it was just me. The eating part is especially true for me. If I eat anything or have like a soda or some shit too early then my stomach is completely screwed for a few hours.

I used to have that as well but it went away. Now I can eat leftover chili in the morning without so much as a rumble.

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I have very little trouble getting up in the morning, but after that I'm slow as fucking treacle...so I get up around 6. Every other day I jog, otherwise I just do a short morning routine and then I try to force myself into the shower and not check any e-mails or stuff like that. On a good day I'm at work around 7, a bad one 8:30.

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White power metal...because...you know.

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I would imagine that's just some kind of automated system kicking in? You can probably talk to a person at the bank to solve it.

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Nope, science has proven all that crap sounds the same so I'm just gonna go sit in my wicker chair on the porch and wave my cane at kids now!

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They made some good changes and then some pointless ones, like having it order 4v4 to 1v1 it makes no sense to change something like that, also the pictures for the race select just don't seem as good

I completely agree. And making one huge button for a ton of functions, but then having one huge button for the custom game stuff alone seems silly to me. Not really liking this new set up too much.


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sure didn't take them long.. Whoever spent $60 on this or paid a subscription must be missing that money right now.

Yes, much like you miss an money you spend on a product which devalues over time...so every purchase I ever made except for my apartment? You do realize that most exchanges of money for products mean you get less money, yeah?

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Ugh. I'm done with you. I've made my point numerous times In this topic and you just keep ignoring it and yelling "bigot!" even though I'm the one who wants equal rights for every single person, while you're quite the opposite.

I don't believe I ever took a stance. If you made a point other than, "those who don't agree with my views are bigoted" then it wasn't outlined clearly enough for me to decipher.

Then you are a moron because he clearly stated his views for everyone else. Seems more like you simply want to deflect the issue by feigning ignorance.

I suggest you re-read my responses to his posts before claiming I "feigned ignorance".

Underlined: Terrible way to start a sentence if you want to be taken seriously.

I have no intention of being taken seriously by you. I simply wish to lambast you for continually equating the person with the religion, while CL60 clearly made a difference (on multiple occasions) between the person and their religion. You constantly ignored this and tried to hide behind some abhorrent version of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion stops when it goes against the modern laws and views of the society in which it exists. Or do you want to be able to stone adulterers as well? That's fairly clearly stated in your good book as well, and I'm sure that would affect the divorce rate.