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Brad is a fine host. I just want/need a GBeast podcast. There is too little of Vinny and Alex on this site at the moment.

Drew hosting + Skyping Vinny/Alex


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I'm loving Scholar of the First Sin.

I initially got it to hedge my Bloodborne desires, but now it's apparent that they've created a fresh experience.

I'm about to play the first Crown DLC now, wish me luck!

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Hey guys, Dying Light is a really fun game.

Like, really really fun.

It's one of the few games where I can skip dialogue/story just because the movement/gameplay delivers so well.

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It happened, and it was glorious. ^_^

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I'm partial to the Far Cry series.

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Solid Snake is a cool action guy and Big Boss is a lame-o who probably eats at Weeny Hut Jrs.


He prefers to dine on tree frogs.

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Because people are kinda stupid.

If you think this game is so bad it's offensive, you haven't played any actual terrible games.

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Jeff being good at games makes no one vote for him, THEREFOR he is the TRUE underdog!