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I'm christian I think. Most of the time.

And LSD can definitely change your perspective of what is set in stone and what is and what should never be.


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@wampa1 said:

@artelinarose: "I'm pretty now, and I love it" Put a real smile on my face, I usually hate anything "sappy" but I'm glad this all worked out internet stranger!

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Your awesome and congratulations on following through with an idea. <3

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You know, normally I am the type of person who assumes it's my own insecurities that make a situation like that awkward for me. But as of recently, I've experience more and more passive aggressive behavior from others that I have come to find is best to just call out. It takes a deft touch to not completely irritate the scenario, but if you say the right thing- which is usually what is on your mind - the situation can be "flip flopped" or turned on the individual who obviously didn't have the gull to just be a decent human being.

That all may sound a bit extreme, but seriously, confrontation is healthy and can help you grow as a person.

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@donpixel: I definitely don't dislike Titanfall. I only saw this as an opportunity to talk about a comparison between the two. Specifically because I thought it was odd that I hadn't seen the discussion on the interwebz yet. Once I started comparing them in my cranium, I couldn't figure out why the two weren't talked about in the same sentence more. Theeeeeeeeen, this guy @razkazz made a salient point in the discussion that made sense to me.

Phew! Didn't expect to explain so much, I guess my bad for not making it clear in the OP?

Oh, and the other post with the gamestop ads is because I got that email while replying on this forum and found the marketing of the game we were discussing in this forum to be really offputting and wondered what other users thought.

ok, now phew!

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Now I'm probably misusing forums by switching topics, but I guess it's related - I think that the marketing for this game is literally going to be detrimental to sales. It just seems bad. I know that's not very specific and descriptive, but I think it's faults are obvious enough to warrant using "bad."

How are the duders on GB receiving it?

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@big_jon: Apologies. I was requesting a general comparison between two video games that I have been thinking about. Unless you meant "why?" In which case, because.

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"The fundamental difference is that in Brink, kills were more a means of suppressing the enemy so objectives could be completed, rather than the primary objective themselves."

I think that you may have just pointed out what I needed to hear/read in order to differentiate the two on a larger scale. Fuckin' awesome man.

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