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@devwil: Please play POrtal 2. Please play POrtal 2.

If you enjoyed Portal at all, you will have a fantastic time.

Although, you probably already knew that....

I have a problem with....well.....sometimes when I die in a game....I die in real life. Just a little bit.

Now I'm a crippled shell of a human being...all because of Dark Souls.

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Hahaha. That was pretty good man. Wasn't expecting you to go as far as you did. Kudos!

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Nice wiring job man, and props on the rig. That CPU cooler looks badass.

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I would pay $100 for RDR on PC, even if it required me to upgrade to Windows 8

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Thank you everyone!!!! Just made my night! <3

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Does anyone know the unproffesional fridays episode where Jeff does an impersonation of an electronic band where he makes loud noises/screams in reference to their sound? I cannot even remember the band, it was fucking hilarious though.

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@hammondoftexas: I just returned the copy of Splinter Cell 3D I bought. It 's a replica of Chaos Theory as you probably already know, however I don't own a circle pad pro thing so using the face buttons for 3D camera really sucked. Also, I played the HELL out of Chaos Theory on Xbox, so playing this alone was a bit underwhelming as my memory for the levels is a bit too fresh.

Metal Gear Solid 3DS looks absolutely stunning, and I've been on the fence about getting it, as circle pad thing is highly recommended for it as well.

Really wanted to try Shadow Wars too, but the animated cut scenes and character art really turns me off it.

Let me know if you get them/enjoy them if you can! I'd love to here a duders opinion.

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I am in.

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Ezio benefited from the ridiculous game play improvements made from AC 1 to AC 2.

Also, it's really freakin hard not to like his "I've got this" attitude. ^_^

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His voice acting throughout the game is excellent, and most of the other characters as well.

I really enjoyed AC III.