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@rm082e: True, I did not take into account that IW is a completely different and separate company. I always saw IW as almost a department or a remote office of Activision for some reason but it makes sense that they are totally self contained.

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The most incriminating thing that I took from this story was the that former Director of IT, Thomas Fenady, is horrible at his job. Neither his entire IT staff or himself could figure out how to access an employee's WORK email or voicemail? That sounds impossible unless he just said that because he was uncomfortable doing so and needed an excuse not too.

He basically said that no one in that IT Department can do their job.

I feel bad for Warner Bros, his new employeer. Hopefully he was able to pickup an Exchange and VOIP class before he started there. Unless of course he was hired to wash cars in the parking lot. Then he is perfectly qualified for his new position and I wish in all the luck in the world.

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GT: HeyWilmaDicphit

Black Ops zombies


Anything co-op really. . .been obsessed with Siants Row 3rd. Too good 4 words!

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Mos Def 
Talib Kweli 
The Beatnuts 
Tech Nine 
Charles Hamilton 
Asher Roth isn't bad  
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what's yours? 
Since Howard Stern's satellite radio show is on vacation, I heard on best-of that a dude licked another dude's balls for $5,000.00. 
How much would it cost for you to lick a male friend's balls?
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I feel I may be the only person to not care about the multiplayer.   
The most fun I had with my 25 minutes was waiting in that common room and playing punch-tag.  Too bad no one else knew we were playing but me. 
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This is a travestey.  More of a sham. 
It's a travestshamockery.
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The new arcade replacement looks incredible. . .new quiet drive, matte finish, new fan system to keep it cool, WiFi and 4GB on board for $199?!?!? 
When will it hit stores since I can't find anything except for August 20th as a rumor on the magically inter-webs.  Anyone have details on this thing since Amazon just says "ships in 1-2 months".
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@fowlowl26 said:
"@vunna: master chiefs daily schedule= shooting aliens  shepards daily schedule= shooting aliens "

I think I love you.
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@fowlowl26 said:
"@The_Laughing_Man:  Oh sorry if my message was misinturperated. I didn't mean it was the best game ever and all others suck. Games like Madden and Halo are superior, but I just meant games this year aren't very good compared to it."

Break down of Math: 
ME 2  =  Halo 3 > (All other games - Madden)