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I think Patrick was full of it for moving to a Gawker site. The absolute cynicism and mean-spiritedness of those sites is why I don't bother going to Kotaku or Deadspin, even though they do produce great content from time to time. To me Kotaku was at its high point when it had Crecente and McWhertor, but that was 5-6 years ago at this point? Nowadays a typical Gawker post consists of elitism, snobbery, and just mean-spiritedness; sometimes people deserve that type of snark, but not all the time every single time. For someone who went out of his way to defend and display his morals on this site, to shift from Giantbomb to a Gawker Media site is bullshit

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What am I missing about the crew's fascination with Botyle?

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There's no reconciliation at this point. The Gamergate truthers are never going to stop being angry and the gaming press is never going to cop to the fact that there were some salient points brought up, because why should they? Once people start flinging boulders of shit at you, you're not going to bother to dig around and find the snowball of truth.

Most of all though, I think these past weeks have shown that video games are not the forum to talk about social ills. Neither the readers nor the press has shown that they can both have this conversation in any shape or form. I think game developers should still try to make the games they want to make, but please, let's stop pretending like games media is the platform to really talk about it. Everyone, from the readers and the writers, are full of shit.

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@golguin said:

I found this image that perfectly describes the villains from the 4 seasons. I think it's great how each one takes their ideology to the twisted level of an extremist.

I don't know dude, I'm not sure how you don't have a twisted vision that people should live in chaos.

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Transistor it is

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I only have a few hours to buy something on PSN, what should I buy? I don't care about genre, just needs to be $20 or less

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So that's a no?

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Is this happening to anyone else?

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Damn man Justin Calvert was fucking EIC and Ryan's been there almost as long as Jeff