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Good Game, but Show Stopping Bugs 0

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a classic brawler with a heavy emphasis on retro.  Within a the first 15 minutes it will remind you of River City Ransom (RCR.)  The comparisons are fair as it has a reminiscent art style and borrows some of RCR's features.  However, to simply call it a newer version of RCR is selling it short.  It controls well, has a great sound track, interesting levels, and is in general a whole lot of fun.  The big problem here is that Ubisoft clearly rushed the game out the do...

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Good, but short and overpriced 0

Limbo is one of those artistic inde platformers in the vein of Braid.  It focuses on simple controls, refined presentation, and puzzle solving.  It is an interesting experience, but I can't help coming away not quite satisfied.  The first thing you should probably know about Limbo is that it is short, very short.  It feels like a slightly longer flash game.  You are looking at about 3 hours of gameplay max.  There is not a whole lot of replay value in the game either.  Normally, being short isn'...

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2D Brawler meets MMO 0

Take the gameplay of a classic 2D brawler and add the persistence of an MMO and you have Dungeon Fighter.  It sounds great, but the execution isn't quite all there.  However, it can still be some decent entertainment.  The game is essentially divided into two parts. First is a  town area where you pick up quests, talk to other people, buy skills and equipment, and group up.  Then there are instanced dungeons which play like stages from any 2D brawler.  You simply go to a cluster of dungeons, sel...

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A Low Quality Console Port 0

Magic can be a fun game, but it can also be an expensive and time consuming hobby.  I was hoping for Duels of the Planeswalkers to be a an accessible, light version of Magic.  Unfortunately, for the PC version of this game, all the good is overshadowed by the fact that it is a very half-assed port of the Xbox version.   The first red flag will probably be the co-op option in this game.  When you begin looking through the modes there are large buttons for "Co-op Campaign" and "Co-op Challenge", w...

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