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Crap Jeff. Whenever you brought your dad up, you made him sound like something special! I have not been following GB super close in the last year or two just with my life getting way too busy to the point where I can watch like a quick look a week and then maybe read an article or two. I dunno, this site always feels like home every time I come back to it, I think that's why this even kind of hit me hard. I know he was sick for a bit and you said you were trying to go see him in the hospital pretty often. Sorry to hear that man! My apologies...

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@corruptedevil: Lets cancel this Ducky Dynasty game and get Nintendo to make us another Duck Hunt... "please understand" Nintendo!

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This makes me sad in that this would be the perfect Jeff and Ryan quick look.

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Haha. These promo videos are great!

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I will start having to download more to my iPod nano to watch/listen to!!!

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I was actually way more worried when they were bought out by CBSi to tell you the truth. I think Jeff definitely know what he is doing and the future direction of the site!

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They are great, but should only be available at Easter. I have like 4 of them a year so that is more than my fill. Any more and they would probably get very disgusting very fast.

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The college radio stations, NeoGAF's album of the year thread, music blogs. I used to just hear the stuff on the radio and.go with that stuff until all the radio stations turned into all pop and top hits stations. Even our alternative rock station is playing lorde 24/7 now. Also in late high school and then early college, I would JUAT ait around with friends and listen to mistakes, demos and etc with friends at their places or just chill in the car after work. About 6 or 7 years ago is where I heard the arctic.mokeys first album just hanging out with my friends.listening to their new music with them.

Now a bunch of my old friends have moved, i am busy with full time job as well as the new music I do go and seek out tends to be way off the radar of my current group of friends

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Early 2009 or early 2010. Like January or February. I just listened to it the other day. The one where Ryan is saying how much he liked to use all the letters in the word and really add some pronunciation to it, right?

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I bought it for $25 on the PS3 and I am still deciding if it was even worth that. Multiplayer doesn't seem too bad as far as stability, but the Single Player is terrible! I cannot even pass the first level because the game keeps locking up at seemingly random points (but it does always happen when I am supposed to pick up a gun, or the game is prompting me to perform an action such as spotting enemies for the squad). I lose my last checkpoint every time as well as my guns/dogtag unlocks. I am getting sick of that "Total Eclipse of the Heart" song after hearing it for my 4th time having to replay through the intro sequence...

The has happened 3 times to me today. I think I am just going to lay the Single Player to rest and maybe get into some Bioshock Infinite or something.

Anyone else running into this issue? Any possible way to avoid it?