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So im all over this game like princess diana is to steering wheels..I have a BR20 on matterson.. I might be willing to make the jump to the GB side of things. But, how many people do we have ? how active are we? how aggressive is the NC on this server ? as in are we only taking over, when the other 3 factions are asleep in the wee hours of the night ? I don't have enough time to really "keep up" two accounts.

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Shit I am happy to see i am not the only one to pick based on the sic riff of nc.

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Ohhhh Gamertag "Xivia1" and I want to go BOM BOM BOM!

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What do you think would be a greater difficulty level. 2 player hard or 3 player expert? Just trying to figure out how to punish myself a bit more with this game...also i believe as a corp we must over take the corp 420 on the leader boards!! But ill be home around 5:30 mountian time for more hardcore bromo action!

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Blarg...game sure enjoys its crashing...but running experts was a bit anticlimactic :/

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Is tere anyway we can get jeff gerstmann to promote someone to unite the gb corps? Call into the happyhour? I would like to get a merger before the apex of thus game falls to much.

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Ill be on around 7:30 mountain id like to run some expert missions! They are a bit punishing so count on alot of resetting check points!

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Haha sorry was playing last night without a mic something about my old ass wireless controller and the old bluetooth dont work together. But ive been cracking out on this for two days now! I think we could do it on hard tonight if anyone is game...On the down side the game likes to crash alot :/

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Just got the game xivia1 is my tag!

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