Giantbomb Syndicates

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I know this topic is sort of posted, but I wanted to put the syndicates in 1 thread.
Sorry for not editing this thread for a while. Unfortunately I only know what is going on with the PS3 syndicate
If you want to join any syndicate you need to get in contact with any of their board members. Unfortunately as far as i know none of those guys view this page any more.
[You may have to create a new syndicate if you really want to]



Syndicate: Giant Bomb Heavy Industries (GBHeavyInd)

CEO: TentPole (TintPole)

Giant Bomb Heavy Industries is full. Anyone willing to form a new syndicate?


Syndicate: GBHanzoAO

CEO: cstrang


Syndicate: Duder Incorporated (Duder Inc)

CEO: N7 (Crimson_Ryan)

note: due to inactivity a new syndicate has been formed

Syndicate: Luchacorp

CEO: iAmJohn (FreakmanJ)


Syndicate: GiantBullfrog ([GB])

CEO: Tennmuerti

Syndicate: Hammer_Inc

CEO: Wasara86 (Wasara)

Free Agents

It is only possible to invite people into the Syndicate either from the games friends list or from the lobby
If you want to join a syndicate try to get in touch with a board member, or the CEO to add you


If people want to join the PC Syndicate they need to accept the friend request in game first.

Syndicate Assets


Giant Bomb Heavy Industries

Formation still in progress. Corporate statement to be released soon. 
(I don't know what is happening with this syndicate. I think its full)
I have no idea what is going on with the 360 syndicates. Contact TentPole or cstrang to see if they know anything that's going on with these.



 GB UsernamePSN ID
iAmJohn (CEO)FreakmanJ
lead_farmer (Board Member)leadfarmer11
light_grenade (Board member)light_grenade
VisariLoyalist (Board Member)JACKALofTHEnight
Freezer_Burn (Board Member)Freezer_Burn911



GB UsernameOrigin ID
Tennmuerti (CEO)Tennmuerti
Mnemoidian (Board Member)Mnemoidian



GB UsernameOrigin ID

There are only 30 members allowed in a syndicate.

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Also wondering if there is a PC syndicate up and running yet, so I can add the info for that. Added!

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Is it possible for anyone but Jeff to invite people yet ? or does he need to promote someone first ?

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I'm on the GBTNT friends list, but didn't get an invite yesterday. That friend list should be up till next Thursday, so I'll look for others playing and try to join in their games. And if you guys are in the clan and see me on, do the same. Another poster said that anyone in the clan can send the invite as long as we're in the lobby together.

My GT is LL Chilidogs

#5 Posted by SWD (71 posts) -

If someone is on the 360 list I am looking to join, GT: BurgessMeredith. Would love to play this with some GB folks, game is fun as hell.

#6 Posted by XenoNick (1532 posts) -

Posted this in the other thread but If someone can add me to the 360 Syndicate I would be very grateful. GT: XenoNick

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Yes please we need a list of names under each syndicate. So that the CEOs can add them easier.

So far there are aslready a few people in the PC Syndicate.

#8 Posted by rivaldi22 (122 posts) -

I'd like to join the 360 Syndicate.

GT: Rivaldi22

#9 Posted by Tennmuerti (8619 posts) -

I am making everyone in the GB PC syndicate a Board Member so that everyone can send out invites.

#10 Posted by StudioErebus (71 posts) -

I'm looking to join the Giant Bomb PS3 Sindicate.

psn id: studio_erebus

#11 Posted by VelourMustache (56 posts) -

If someone in the Xbox Syndicate wants to invite me, my tag is Velour Mustache

#12 Posted by superpope (131 posts) -

Teh Super Pope on 360. I'm in!

#13 Posted by Christoffer (2142 posts) -

Thanks. I'm downloading while writing this and will sign up as soon as possible (PC)

#14 Posted by Blind_Evil (320 posts) -

I'd like to join the 360 syndicate, GT is Blind Evil 128

#15 Posted by dulmonkey (79 posts) -

I'd like in on the 360 syndicate. GT dulmonkey

#16 Posted by Barrock (3802 posts) -

I'd like to join the 360 group. Barrock is my Live tag.

#17 Posted by Vash10 (50 posts) -

I'd like to join up with the 360 group. Gamertag- Vash10

#18 Posted by munocard (51 posts) -

Also interested in joining the Heavy Industries. Gamertag: munocard

#19 Posted by tonyisdeformed (21 posts) -

I wish yo submit a application for heavy industries gamertag:sanitarymatress

#20 Posted by Freezer_Burn (213 posts) -

I'm up for some Co-op buddies. PS3 version, Freezer_Burn911 is my ID

#21 Posted by Phoenix778m (313 posts) -

Requesting enrolment into heavy industries.
GT: SkullMonkeyLV99

#22 Posted by kuz101 (223 posts) -

I'd like to be part of Giant Bomb Heavy Industries. GT:Madness2day

#23 Posted by wemibelec90 (2170 posts) -

I would love an invite to the X360 Syndicate. My Gamertag is: wemibelec090

#24 Posted by Sgykah (103 posts) -

also interested in joining the X360 syndicate - gamertag Sgykah

#25 Posted by Xshinobi (478 posts) -

I would like to join the PC version. My ID is "Xshinobi"

#26 Posted by Zrais (180 posts) -

Just picked this up tonight, would love to join a 360 Syndicate. Zrais is my GT

#27 Posted by steveurkel (205 posts) -

wheres the pc bitches

#28 Posted by impartialgecko (1781 posts) -
I'm up for some PC action. Origin ID: Deadlife47
#29 Posted by Omega (878 posts) -

I'd like in on Giantbomb Heavy Industries if someone could invite me, thanks GT: Omega Wolf 156

#30 Posted by vogon (103 posts) -

I'd like to get all up in GiantBullfrog. I'm vogonj on origin.

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I made a Tested syndicate, 'cuz I could.

#32 Posted by gla55jAw (2772 posts) -

I'm in GBHeavyInd so add me to the list on here. Gamertag - gla55jAw

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Sent a new batch of PC invites to everyone: Deadlife47, vogonj, Xshinobi

Please accept the friend invite so that I can add you to the Syndicate without having to be online or in the lobby.

@steveurkel: what's your origin id?

#34 Posted by monssfisch (50 posts) -

Sign me up for the PC syndicate! My Origin ID is feedtheboats.

#35 Posted by Skald (4397 posts) -

Add me on PS3

ID: axolotl950

#36 Posted by allgrinzz (173 posts) -

Tossing my hat in the ring to be a merc for giantbomb.. Xbox 360, Gamertag: NomRoxNom

#37 Posted by Sir_Loin_of_Beef (62 posts) -

Count me in the 360 version! gamertag: sirloin0fbeef87

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Please post this info in the top post for people to know:

"It is only possible to invite people into the Syndicate either from the games friends list or from the lobby, so if people want to join the PC Syndicate they need to accept the friend request in game first."

Here are the current people in the GiantBullfrog Syndicate:

GB usernameOrigin/Agent name

People that have been sent invites but have not yet accepted:

GB usernameOrigin/Agent name
#39 Posted by AssInAss (3106 posts) -

Put me up for PC Origin (Messofanego)!


#40 Posted by jayjonesjunior (1108 posts) -

PSNid: JayJonesJunior

#41 Posted by Kimoosabi (17 posts) -

I'd love an invite to GB Heavy Industries on 360.. GT: Kimoosabi.

#42 Posted by Bad_Ash (6 posts) -

I want in on the Pc syndicate. My OID is Vidstrom.

#43 Posted by Kaibar (89 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: Are you sure you've sent me an invite? Origin doesn't show me any friend requests.

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@Kaibar: the friend requests are ingame.

It's a seperate system from Origin, just uses the same usernames.

#45 Posted by Kaibar (89 posts) -

@Mnemoidian: Ok, got it now, thanks! I'm having some problems connecting to games at the moment though. I keep getting the 'Syndicate Server not available' message, hopefully those are just launch issues.

#46 Posted by Cole_M_ (9 posts) -

I'm playing on 360 right now and I need a syndicate to join.

GT: colenbloker

#47 Posted by CrazedMaverick (221 posts) -

I'd love to be in the 360 syndicate

GT: CrazedMaverick9

#48 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (147 posts) -

Seeking employment within Giant Bomb Heavy Industries.

GT: Wake as Gun

#49 Posted by InflectionPixel (16 posts) -

Would love to be in the 360 syndicate! GT: InflectionPixel

#50 Posted by djjelloman (7 posts) -

Count me in for 360, please!

GT: DJJelloMan

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