Steam Summer Sale 2012 - The Damage

Sort of hoped I wouldn't get caught up in all the hype, but when I saw the GB news story, let's just say I've never opened Steam so quickly. It was a little painful being reminded of the sale weeks ago... and most days since.

I just spent way too much money upgrading my PC, I wanted a new graphics card and ended up building a computer to facilitate it. So, about a month after building said PC hundreds of games are on sale. I'm going to try not to be a sucker, but there are quite a few games I wouldn't mind owning, especially at a good price.

I keep a list of games I've finished, it'll be glorious to see how many (few) of these games I beat, I'm not imagining an excellent conversion rate.

Games bought: 21

Games beaten: 8

List items

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Posted by Foil1212

If this stops anyone from spending way too much money on Steam (and way more than they need), you've done the world a service.

Posted by Zaxex

Gluttony for the greater good :).

I figure the list should remind me what I bought, rather than everything entering my too-long list of 300 Steam games. Maybe that'll hold me to actual play some of them.

Still, there's no way I needed 13 games in two days.