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Its a very good way to do it. The game has its closure but for some it ain't enough and well, for those guys, like myself, there's a fucking optional quest ti solve it. Just in case you want that added push. 
I love you, Rockstar. I swore to hate you after GTA IV but you guys have redeemed yourself. You guys had your Red Dead REDEMPTION with me with this game... GET IT!?!?! 
Seriously guys, I cried when John died. Okay not cried, I shed tears.

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Credits rolling now... Ah that felt good. I needed that for myself. Fucking ass got what he deserved. And the song is wonderful :D 
And to thing I was already on my way to Blackwater intuitively before thinking something was up and coming here for help. :P

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Okay thanks guys. Man, for a moment there, I got scared. This game is fucking good and didn't want that ending to ruin the entire experience.

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Alright, so, I am John. And I open the door and it goes into the cool just stare at the ten people looking at me moment till suddenly it cuts to Deadeye. I'm confused, I choose 4 random people, kill them and I get killed, which I assume is supposed to happen. Ross and the Army walk away, John's body's bleeding. 
Jack and Abi come back, me in control of Jack, still young. We go to John's body, he's dead. We're crying.  
Then cut to the scene with John's Grave. 
Then it cuts immediately to the scene with Older Jack, with John and Abi's grave and now I'm in control of Jack. And the entire world is open, with no clear objective. And I'm old Jack. 
NO Credits or nothing... And I have no idea what to do. 

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65. Every timeI try to skin a dead deer, there's a lone Wolf, waiting to ambush me like its some well laid trap or something. 

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@CowMuffins said:
" @DFSVegas said:
" Not that it was in doubt, but my Gears of War 3 perchase = confirmed. "
How about that dictionary purchase? "
Oh, come on dude. I bet it was an honest mistake.
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Best part of this news story is not the fact that Ice-T is voicing a character,,, 
Its the fact that Jeff is watching Ice-T's Ustream page. 
Don 't know which one scares me most but hey, both are equally are awesome... Okay, Jeff watching the Ustream is more awesome.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:
" I just went far left of The Hanging Rock and then went towards the waypoint. "
O.O... Wha? Crap, gonna suck if I get stuck. Something similar happened to me in GTA IV and I never wanted to play that game again (and never did)... Only this time, Red Dead is actually pretty fucking good.
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So, I've been playing this and loving it for a while now and I have only just reached the part where I first reach Bonnie's dad and get the lasso. Now, the first part is easy and I can finish it damn fine. But the second part of the mission? Good god, I can't herd the horses to death. I try to and they move and all of a sudden same run back, I try to get them and everyone just fucking dissemble and run back to the start point. Did this part for nearly 20 minutes before canceling mission and said "Thanks". 
Anyone got herding tips for this part?

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I finished this game twice and not once, did I realize there was another path other than driving down. Um... So no comment?